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16 August, 2010

End of Summer Sandals.

I hope you all prepared for new school year.... moms for kids and students for themselves. Others for their annual bonus!! ^O^   I guess we won't have a small vacation before our Italy trip in October then.

I feel that I have to plan kids' schedule smartly so I will have time left for myself, for them and still get to have a restful weekend!! However, I am hardly punctilious about their school work but more of my childrens' manners. I think that's my #1 rule of cultivating my children growing up.  Agree?

Last weekend, I put away couple summer tops that I think I won't be wearing them anymore. And soon I'll have to store away temporarily this Chole sandals until next year.... unless I can incorporate socks w/ this sandals to make it works for fall.  We'll see then. 

My birthday is around the corner and I can't believe that I can't find a decent Chanel bag for $3000 anymore. ~~ *sigh*  

Any suggestion, girls? What would you be willing to spend on for $3000? 


See how much I like this orange tee. 


1. Top:
Humanoid orange 3/4 tee 
Ralph Lauren brown leather vest

2. Bottom:
Max Co. tweed cuffed shorts

3. Accessory:
Chanel 09' beige medium/large classic flap w/ gold HW
URBN brass metal w/ beads necklace 
Hermes Ostrich belt w/ GOLD textured buckle
Karen Walker Dandy tortoise sunglasses

4. Shoes:
Chole tan ankle wrap sandals

I am a very fall/winter kind of person!!


1. Top:
some brand stripes dress
Zara striped blazer (altered to be vest)

2. Bottom: Y-3 legging w/ stripes at calves

3. Accessory:
Steve madden for Steve metal belt
HM floral print scarf
A. Wang Rocco Duffel bag in Gray

4. Shoes:
Chole ankle wrap sandal in tan 

Can't get enough stripes!!

We were at my kids' school this morning..... so they can get the feeling of the atmosphere when school starts this Thursday!!

Let's welcome FALL!!
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

Love those Chloe! :)

Mother of Style said...

I can't beleve it's time for school already. I'm going to miss my kids SOOOO much!

I love your y-3 leggings. THose are great.

And the Chanel price increase? Ughhh. That's all I can say. Ugh.

dos3n said...

i always tell my husband investing in chanel purses is better than investing in stocks, they are guaranteed to go up in price, 5% a year! i would save up and buy another birkin :)

Kay Richardson said...

Might you buy a robot for $3000? It might be able to make clothes, so saving money in the long term?

litlstrawberry said...

hha, Catherine: you don't just tell him.... you BUY and show him. hahah....

Oh, yeah, we both should save UP for another birkin. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

haha, Kay, if you do find that kind of ROBOT, please do let me know. I will give you big commission too. ^^

I don't think our artificial intelligent techonology in current situation is that splendid YET. But do keep me posted. haha..

ceci said... that the $3k you've spent I saw the other day? Is that your upcoming b-day gift? =D Oh...Happy early birthday to you! It's a very beautiful piece! I did went back & pick up a simple black/gold belt at the end too! But nothing from Chanel - I guess I still enjoy wearing the Dynasty knot brooch at the moment. The SA, L.Ho, helped & she's very nice & mentioned even the price for croc belts have been up so much the past 3 years! Crazy! Better to buy now then later I guess....

litlstrawberry said...

haa, Ceci, black and gold hermes, you mean the black belt w/ gold buckle? Does the buckle has texture on it.. like my w/ vertical stripes texture. Anyway, I am sure you will show us somewhere (on PF?) w/ your Chanel. OH, yeah, your knot, it is gorgeous..but since you pin on your stripes blazer I can't see it clear know, there is a moment i want to ask you pin on your sequins top.... :P haha... Anyway, you really can jazz up your clothes w/ that pretty Chanel knot!

haha.. yeah, I should do a proper reveal of that expensive beauty... I hate to say it is expensive..but it is ...for just that! :P

ceci said...

haha...I know I know...but the brooch is quite heavy for the soft Coco loves to pull the brooch too =p

DH loves the Gold hammered buckle & I picked the black box/gold (togo?) Anyway, I was looking for bright color like red, but SA said that's all for F/W collection. But this color combo is easy to match everything. I'm not sure if I would post a reveal, but I'll send you an action photo later maybe =)


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