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09 August, 2010

Chanel ShangHai Collection.

Chanel Shanghai Collection. 

I really like the royal blue accent on this collection. 

The triple velvet camellia sandals is so sexy on. However, it is not as steady as I thought it would be. ($1595 USD)

I guess you can really walk gracefully in them!! No running, and not mom-friendly neither. 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Those sandals are just so amazingly beautiful, wow! And I agree, I love the use of this kind of blue here a lot too!!

janettaylor said...

Amazing! Chanel is the best!

Charles said...

so pretty! i love the colors :) xx

Betsy C. said...

The blue is lovely! I'm so glad they are putting some color into their custom jewelry, though I doubt I'll be buying any soon with the crazy price tag.

Are you looking forward to school starting? Will little Ilona be starting preschool soon? Both DS and DD will be going to school this school year so I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Have a good one!

Mother of Style said...

The blue is so vibrant on the necklace.

ceci said... know I'm the blue gal...I love the P-S collection a lot. I can't believe you say no to this pair of heels! haha! I'm looking forwards to check out their shoes when I'm there. Do you think I should drop by NM/Saks before heading to the boutique, or vice verse? Which one has better stock? Actually, with Mia's help, I got the Gold Dynasty & CC Shanghai brooches from Paris. & they are already in my carry-on case now =p

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Ceci:
To tell you that SAKs didn't carry Chanel in SF. And please do stop by boutique first as they do carry more styles and ask for Angie KIm (tell her you are Rachel friend from Canada.). She is a very nice lady and just got married in Feb. that being said, she is too "exciting" not to share the joy w/ everyone...meaning, she will be very happy to assist you in anyway she can. haha... :P

Oh, I don't know what you are talking about for that chanel collection since I barely look at their costume jewelry w/ that insane price and I move more toward H. maybe you can show me a link of it ? Thanks. :) And I am sure it is gorgeous!!!

You can call me if you are around and I might make a trip there. Check your email.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Betsy: yes, I am very very happy that finally I will have FULL day alone..haha.. more shopping, more street style photos..... in SF city. Yeah!!!

SO where do you send your dd and ds to school?

And yes, Chanel's price is crazy and I really can't let myself dig in .... even I want to!! *Sigh*

litlstrawberry said...

haha... yes, girls, the blue is so eye-catching for this particular collection and I love them very much. ...

HOWEVER, I still have complaints about here and there for its details... such as Chinese simplified character "Chanel" on the buckle of that clutch which is not my thing to show off what brand I wore in particular. As for that not very steady velvet sandals is so sexy that it might wore out one day....... (guess only a eye candy on the shelf after couple wears to keep its longevity) :P

But I do appreciate its beauty overall. ^^


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