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10 August, 2010

The hunting of RED Chanels!!!

Patent Classic medium (L) and Patent Reissue Large w/ Ruthenium chain (R). 

$3700 (L) and $3400 (R)!! @@ 

They both are still TOO small for my mom's needs!

They are equally pretty but depends on how you dress up w/ them. 

$3500 Classic Jumbo in Dark RED; the color didn't come up right. 
It is, in fact, darker than the picture shown here. 

Caviar classic jumbo is my MOM's first choice but I have to figure out if she likes this DARK red!!!

Chanel's new collection did little to revive my waning interest in buying those insanely priced RED bags. Even if I do, it is for my MOM. :P 

Where I have been?

I don't know what got into me that I was drawn by the pattern of horses' print in camouflage colors so much.  

ON me on Saturday.

1. Top:
(inside layer) Lilith checked apron cover-up w/ pockets
Max Co. reversible two colored tank sweater
No brand taupe long sweater vest

2. Bottom: 
Lilith Graham Tartan slacks w/ pockets

3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer's purple crystal necklace
Chanel Rodeo Drive large tote in Perforated leather 08' 

4. Shoes:
Michael Kors eyelet oxford lace-up boots w/ velvet ribbon tie

In the city, you can always pile on clothes layer by layer and skip the jacket if you forgot!

What's so interesting about the pants is that it has side buttons and you can leave it for big voluminous look or button it up.
Plus, the classic tartan prints and color allow me to wear it all year around in the bay area. ^^

 200 million fragments tweed jacket
Anne Valerie Hash Pink/taupe brogues
Lilith no toe socks
Chanel mini black caviar flap
Reversal wearing Max Co. tank sweater.

In the suburban of North Cal. layering is not required in the current season but jacket is always great to have in hand for keeping-you-warm in the supermarket and looking-stylish when you are out.

Have fun the rest of summer.
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

Oooh I need a red Classic Jumbo! :)

Mona P said...

How sweet of you to buy Chanel for your Mom!

The Chanel prices just keep getting more and more insane! Let's hope that along with raising prices they will improve the quality of their bags.

By the way, how do you keep your kids busy during the rest of the summer, before the school starts?

And again, just wanted to say that your blog is such an inspiration to me! It is amazing how you always find time and make an effort to look this fantastic!

Have a great day!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hey R, I like your new checkered Lilith tartan slacks w/ pockets. Any other colors for this? I think it's time for me to contact Paris and see what they have there. :D (Speaking of which, I still haven't worn the Lilith clothes I bought from Paris..LOL!)

For the red classic, if you're going to Italy in October, I think maybe you can buy the Chanel red bag from there? The prices in the US are really crazy after the price increase, esp. for you locals who need to pay extra for the US sales tax. (Actually, with that price, you can buy your mom a "non-birkin/kelly" Hermes bag already...hehe!) Oh well, but it's for your mom, price doesn't matter as long as she loves it. :P

Speaking of Hermes, did you see the camouflage horse 90cmsilk scarf (named "Ex Libris En Camouflage")? If you like the horse camouflage print, you can think about this scarf. It's got lots of color combination. I bought it in a very sharp teal/mustard/violet colorway and I think it's quite cool..haha! (You can see the scarf here in post#53: and also post #351 here which I modeled the scarf:

Anyway, hope you find your mom her dream red CHANEL bag! Good luck!


litlstrawberry said...

ha, Mia:

I was trying that same horse print in different shades. (green, teal,...etc.) I had various blue shades of hot-air-balloon scarf so I wouldn't drawn to anything that's blue anymore. :P Yours are inevitably looking gorgeous on you. ^^
As you see, I really don't LOVE H scarves that much since they are just accessories to me. I'd buy "pluralism" of their merchandise such as belts (only 1) haha..., earrings ( 1 pair, but sure to add more in the future), necklace ( only 1, of course), CDC (again, only 1), watch (1) ....... then I might dig in their apparel in the near future!!!! ^O^

So, don't get caught in their scarves only!! :P

ceci said...

Can you find red patent jumbo? Does she like Chevron pattern? Is there any Chanel near her so she can see the color. or is it a surprised gift? I heard the 10P Chevron is still with its previous price tag $3k = no price increase. In fact, you probably know that DH kind of push me to get the Red Chevron jumbo last Christmas when we were in NYC. & you know I usually don't go with jumbo size - but I love the red patent a lot & I'm planning to take her on my trip too! (haha...sounds like I've been telling you what I'm going to bring for this trip LOL!) Mia is right that you will SAVE a lot more if you buy from Europe! Anyway, sent you an-e-mail too! =)


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