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29 August, 2010

Quality Time w/ Family at Burlingame!

You know, there must be a lot of moms who thanks for technology just as much as I do too....  ^^


When we are on-the-go, Iphone and I-pad are our life-saver, literally!! 

Those cartoon movies or games are just a-touch away and they keep my children entertained while I can speed up or enjoy a little longer doing whatever I am doing. 

We went to Burlingame city this weekend and we had a wonderful time there... high fashion and high technology.... I mean APPLE store where my kids can enjoy playing the latest games on i-Pad. NOW, whenever I mention there is an APPLE store in certain area that I am going to, I can see my kids' eye lighten up.... cause' they know, they wont' be bored anymore!!! lol

Gymboree where my kids can watch some cute and educational TV in the store. 
Abby found it~~ ^^


Apple store.... We 3 girls love the no-brain game.... haha.... Marble Mixer!!

This harvest furniture store has this cute and vintage looking mini mannequin which is a perfect alternative to a accessory rack/hanger for your necklaces.($38)

Children's wear: Baby Contour. 

Ralph Lauren has been a long time fave. brand since I was in high school. 
Their clothes are classic and sophisticated yet so feminine if you pair it right. 

Do you remember that I have this leather vest w/o pockets from 3 or 4 seasons back....
I love it and it is one of my wardrobe staples! ($498) 

I talk DH into buying this 4 pockets cardigan... I love the fun look of those pockets and I know it is another wardrobe staple for MAN. ^O^

I create this hallucination look of a pair of over-the-knee leg warmer + mary-jane heels =  FAB. BOOTS. 


1. Top:

  • Brown cropped turtle neck sweater
  • Tsumori Chisato pink puff-sleeve blouse

2. Bottom: Orange wool wrap skirt

3. Accessory:

  • Proenza Shouler PS1 yellow clutch 
  • Argyle pattern tassel belt (bought at India)
  • Free people pink/nude/coral leg warmer 
  • gold tassel earrings

4. Shoes:
Chanel 09' runway pink tulle mary-jane heels

I had that brown cropped sweater and orange wool wrap skirt like thousand years ago. You know it is hard to depict how I am pleased to see CHOLE brought those back to the runway A/W 2010! ^O^

resource: Chole: 

Big kiss to Pei who gave me this pair of sparkled pink/coral leggings for my another birthday gift. (FREE PEOPLE) 

Last, my little fashionable daughter, Ilona. 
I am very much of a heel gal, so TOM shoes is ruled out by me.  
Now I am glad that Ilona can enjoy the shoes while knowing I am doing some good to the poor. 

Tomorrow is Ilona's first day of school.... let's hope she will be fine all day at school!!
xoxo Mom


janettaylor said...

Happy belated birthday, darling!

Ur legwarmers are too cute!

Savvy Gal said...

i don't think my sis leaves the house without ipad and iphone for her kids. by the way, where did you buy the purple fluffy skirt for your little girl, i would love to find one for my niece.

Meg said...

I love that little leather vest. So adorable!


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