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09 August, 2010

Random Diary... A day in the SF city!!



A yellow scarf!!! 
Mine is a bargain $19.99 from Anthro. but this one is silk mixed w/ cashmere.....$129. I'd go for a Deal then. ^O^

They also carry Isabel Marat collection. ^^

I like the flow or ripple-like looking of Renee's cardigan. 

Have a restful Monday at home!
Shall we!!? ^^

xoxo Rachel


Amelie said...

Recently, I am so into Isabel Marant's - I will definitely stop by to check it out - thanks for the info^^

zXz said...

Hi, Rachel:

I saw your Sat afternoon at Hermes in SF. I took my birkin in for SPA and while the SA Terri took my bag in, I walked around the store. I saw you tried on a ex libris camflogue gereenish scarf. Then you left with your gf. :-) Love your blog and love the way you dress up while still managing three kids. It is soo lovely to bump into you in the city( I live in Napa and come to city not that often though).

litlstrawberry said...


Yes, I guess Isabel Marant is really big .... the trend goes from New York to all over the USA. ^^ I love the style, so do my can go to the store and order things from their catalogue of pre-fall. Certain things that they don't carry in the store but they order for you.

^^ Have fun!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, zXz,

Nice to know that you like my blog. ^^ I was actually trying a camouflage horse print w/ pockets skirt in the back and loved that skirt very much.... then after I picked up that scarf, I just realized that I like the same thing...meaning the same prints/color combination. ^^

What's the color of your Birkin??


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