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Cats and Fish!!

picture taken at California Academy of Sciences!! 

Now Abby's dress..... altered from a top of mine!!


1. Top:
Tsumori Chisato paw striped tee
Elisabeth and James tuxedo vest

2. Bottom:
Tsumori Chisato cat dot harem pants

3. Shoes:
Alaia gold lace up heels

4. Accessory:
Chanel marron tote 10' 
one side of Betsy Johnson earrings
Chanel sunglasses 11' 

I am so in love with Tsumori's collection currently~~
How about you?!! 

Have a good day!
xoxo Rachel 

Chanel Over Hot Trend 2011 , Stripes!!

High fashion apparel meets consumer-friendly pieces which always result a great impact on any look!!! You know, diversify your wardrobe to make it easier for you to do mix-n'-match!!

Chanel's collection is covetable while you can always find Zara's piece has fabulous design and affordable price. You can't go wrong with either one let alone mix-n'-match both together~~ Ah, no, I am not affiliate with any of those brands. ^O^

Inspired by runway look, I always came up with my own interpretation!! You can, too. 

Isabel Murant 

pic. source embedded with hyperlink.

Jil Sander, Prada, PPQ

Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Sonia Rykiel

Issey Miyake, Wunderkind, Versace

Proenza Schouler, Prada, Celine

Junya Watanabe, Jeremy Laing, Haider Ackermann 

Jason Wu, Clements Ribeiro, Aquilano e Rimondi
 Pic. source embedded in hyperlink

The hi-lighted brand names are the looks I love the most in each category. Whether it be  sporty stripes, skinny stripes or wide innovative stripes from Maran…

Into Safari, who are you kidding!!?

Today, I went to have my eyes examined, and it turns out that I have far-sighted 50 and astigmatic 75 vision!! 

What does that mean?

It means that my eyes can see 20/20 and 20/40 which is almost a perfect vision and is recovering...... slowly!! Hubby wants to do it since he can't believe that I can be far-sighted now while I was negative 1000 vision on both eyes just 2 weeks ago. A little far-sighted is good as it might bounce back a little in the future during healing process. 

With a vision like that, now I think I can survive in the deepest forest...climbing trees, going under the sea, and even fight with the most vicious animals in the jungle.... :P ha... just my imagination. Maybe a little walk down in the mountain in Kauai with my sexiest Safari outfit and high heels is the least I can conquer!! 

Yes, we are planning our next trip to Kauai.... can't wait!!!

grr...I need to buy a steaming ironing.....
Burberry Prorsum 11' rivet-embellished stretchy linen dress

Be Yourself; Make Fashion!!

Yu and I had the most fun and efficient shopping spree today!!  We both realized that we have been so busy w/ kids' school, outside school activities and cooking, minding house chores that we really need a break and go to the city. Just so, we can see what's display behind the windows and to keep up the fashion sense.....(Well, we can't go NYFW freely each season but we certainly still manage to stay on top of the fashion world!!) 

Our day start with the most aromatic Blue Bottle coffee~
(Left bottom on YU: Chanel 11' striped crochet dress)
When I looked back my outfits, I think I had a crash for blue color these days!!  Not only Yu and I both picked navy as main color for our outfit (another make-us-freaking-out coincidence) but we also purchased Chanel 11' navy short full skirts at NM. ....can't wait to wear it! ^^

I definitely am not crazy but simply had the most fun with my outfit today! Strangers liked my sheer socks + Miu Miu platform look and also wondering i…

Before Mustard!!

Three of us family bought a new pair of sneakers last weekend except hubby and Ilona. Niel and I needed very much as we play tennis and I use my shoes a lot for Zumba and other work-out activities. 

Lululemon underpants + Rebook ReeZig.
When I browsing today's Satorialist "On the Street....London Color Story, London" post, I realized that I have the same color mood for outfits as people in London.... Teal blue and Mustard yellow. Except I didn't put those two colors in one ensemble but now I have the inspiration!! ^^


Tuesday as Today 

1. Top:
Boss orange mustard turtleneck
Michael Kors rollneck sweater

2. Bottom:
Mandarin and General washed satin pull on pants 3. Accessory: white leather sash as belt Proanza Shouler ps1 clutch color block socks
4. Shoes: Pierry Hardy platform sandal 10' 
Gone for Lunch at NM. Have a good day!!
xoxo Rachel 


Suddenly the temperature dropped and for the first time since last year..... I felt COLD!!  However, I assume my brain didn't catch up soon enough to stack myself up with sweaters and big coats in layers. I still do mix-n'-match both summer and winter clothes these days! ^^ I must also have a very strong immune system that I barely catch any cold ..... *knock on wood*.....

Kate Spade cropped peacoat, Linda Loudermilk bamboo organze dress, spider/net tights, Alain wrap boots

Saturday as today

Stay warm~
xoxo Rachel 

Once In A Blue Moon!!

Friend says that I look resplendent in blue.... (Thx, Lily. ^O^) Hubby commented me that he likes my effortless chic look in blue trench!! One manicurist also personally adores the " baby-blue" color.... on me

Today, I am feeling stupendous!!!! 

Ah.... I should have adjusted that fur ..... 


1. Top:
(same as yesterday) blue ruffle sleeveless blouse
Ya ya falafel knit vest coat
Burberry blue trench

2. Bottom:
Diesel low-waist little flared jeans

3. Accessory:
Peter Som Mongolia Fur collar
Miu Miu calf skin platform 2011

4. Bag:
A. wang Rocco duffel gray bag w/ studs

Have you been working out your BUTT lately ? 
Thinking of those shorts and skirts if you haven't!~~~ ^O^

xoxo Rachel 

There is Always a Way!!

I have always found a million ways to wear my clothes or to carry my bags but I also have some friends who seldom wear/carry their luxe. clothes or bags just to keep those things fresh and new in the closet!  ^O^  Even so, there is one thing that no doubt we are in common;  We evolve styles from every single way of our lives as well as from each other's.  Aren't we just the luckies gal friends on earth!!!

Hope your friends share the same passion as you!!

My rocker chic feminine look. 
Tips, try a scarf as it seems always almost tie every piece together. 

On me (both), Tsumori Chisato cat's face dot harem pants. 

Beige blazer is every outfit's perfect match!!


1. Top:
J Crew beige/nude school boy blazer (2011)
Geo. print tank blouse (on sale at Anthro.)
2. Bottom:
Tsumori Chisato 
3. Bags... BV as always in these days. ^^

Kron by KronKron shoes. 

Style your friends if they look up on you!!
xoxo Rachel 

Confidence! Because of my Miu Miu Platform?

Interesting thing I noticed these days is that even though my current vision is still not-so-perfect, now I actually feel myself "more me and confident in the pictures" whenever I am in front of the camera. 
I guess since I can't be sure whatever in front of me, I just do whatever my best could be!!! (Does this sound like a murmuring here? =))


Today Fedex comes w/ my Miu Miu leather wedge platform.... I am so so content w/ its color and the wooden platform. Not in a bright blue but a ... hum... Pei commented: Like a pair of Vintage Blue jeans' BLUE.
(Maybe it looks brighter in those pictures though.)

1. Top:
J Crew shirt 
J Crew nude/beige school boy blazer (2011)

2. Bottom:
HM high waist, big pocket pants

3. Accessory:
black mesh ribbon
(Bag: I still carry my past season Bottega Veneta white tote as messenger all day long.) =)

4. Shoes:
Miu Miu blue calf leather platform wedge (2011)

I guess my vision is not yet recovered Miu Miu~~

I love a good quality…