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22 February, 2011

Before Mustard!!

Three of us family bought a new pair of sneakers last weekend except hubby and Ilona. Niel and I needed very much as we play tennis and I use my shoes a lot for Zumba and other work-out activities. 

Lululemon underpants + Rebook ReeZig.

When I browsing today's Satorialist "On the Street....London Color Story, London"  post, I realized that I have the same color mood for outfits as people in London.... Teal blue and Mustard yellow. Except I didn't put those two colors in one ensemble but now I have the inspiration!! ^^



Tuesday as Today 


1. Top:
Boss orange mustard turtleneck
Michael Kors rollneck sweater

2. Bottom:
Mandarin and General washed satin pull on pants
3. Accessory:
white leather sash as belt
Proanza Shouler ps1 clutch
color block socks

4. Shoes:
Pierry Hardy platform sandal 10' 

Gone for Lunch at NM.
Have a good day!!

xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Charles said...

omg those heels are amazinggg! I love the mustard clutch too :)


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