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16 February, 2011

Confidence! Because of my Miu Miu Platform?

Interesting thing I noticed these days is that even though my current vision is still not-so-perfect, now I actually feel myself "more me and confident in the pictures" whenever I am in front of the camera. 
I guess since I can't be sure whatever in front of me, I just do whatever my best could be!!! (Does this sound like a murmuring here? =))




Today Fedex comes w/ my Miu Miu leather wedge platform.... I am so so content w/ its color and the wooden platform. Not in a bright blue but a ... hum... Pei commented: Like a pair of Vintage Blue jeans' BLUE.  
(Maybe it looks brighter in those pictures though.)

1. Top:
J Crew shirt 
J Crew nude/beige school boy blazer (2011)

2. Bottom:
HM high waist, big pocket pants

3. Accessory:
black mesh ribbon
(Bag: I still carry my past season Bottega Veneta white tote as messenger all day long.) =)

4. Shoes:
Miu Miu blue calf leather platform wedge (2011)

I guess my vision is not yet recovered Miu Miu~~



I love a good quality of the furniture...oh, no, wooden platform, the polish finish of the coating on the wood. 

Ok, good soul comes from good food!! I said that!! ^^
I cook dry scallops into two dishes. (Of course, first you have to soak them into water for couple hours and hand slice them into thin strips.)

1.) Fresh baby scallops n' dry scallops fried rice (Dry scallops have a special aroma that missing in fresh scallops.)
I add asparagus, onion ( You sweat them until they are almost caramelized.), and scramble eggs. 
The trick is I don't season it myself. (You could, just sesame oil, some soy sauce, and white pepper and dash of sea salt if you desire) Instead, a store bought Garlic Seasoning did all the perfect taste for me



2). Chinese Broccoli w/ dry scallops
Just because I don't like leftover "ingredients", I saute' these two things together. ^O^ First, saute dry scallops then Chinese Broccoli and add couple spoon water to steam until the broccoli is tender. Ah... the salt, white pepper or a bit sesame oil (not necessary) , and Voila' ~

Cook yourself some good meal, would you?!!
xoxo Rachel 


susanh98 said...

hi rachel!!! Your shoes look so pretty. I love your pedi too :)
Did your DH take the pictures again? Because I couldn't see the shoes hahahaha. Good thing you took pics of the shoes after.
I hope your vision gets to 100% soon! and feel better!!!

LS said...

Hope your vision will be 20/20 soon!
Those Miu Miu babies look amazing! Can't wait to see you how will pair it with other outfits!

P.S. those food look's making me hungry

Angela said...

Cute shoes. As a fellow momma, you're stylin!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, girls, you are all so kind. And yes, my eyes are still under recovery.... things are a bit blur at my end...even when I am typing, I see double vision. :( Hopefully, everything will clear in a month.

Thanks, Angela. I like your adorable blog and I have yet to try Joe in Vegas...maybe i should put it in my next wish list!!!

Betsy said...

You're right, Rachel! I always enjoy your recipe postings, just as much I as I enjoy your fashion-related posts.

Thanks for sharing another great, family-friendly recipe. I'll be sure to add it to my recipe files.

Hope your eyes are feeling better!

litlstrawberry said...

haha.. Betsy, I do hope you like sea food as they are superfood for charging our skin's texture and overall look.


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