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09 February, 2011


My cornea is too thin that the doctor wouldn't perform LASIK on me. Instead, I underwent PRK. .... The surgery is successful but the afterward take-care is ... painful. 

Surgery Day (Day 1)

 I wear goggle and my sunglasses altogether!! ha~ 
At this point, I can only say it is very, very uncomfortable. 

Thanks to Cathy who drives my kids in between extra-curricular activities yesterday. 
Top: tie front blouse
Bottom: HM small pleats skirt
Accessory: FALKE striped stockings
Givenchy Tinhan tote
Shoes: Kensie Girl wedge 

Day 2
Incapable of driving and almost malfunctioning w/ house chores as my eyes are very sensitive to the light and tears most of the time.  DH has to take over picking up kids, dropping off kids and lots of activities. 

The nurse says this is very normal and should be 50% better on the 3rd day. I have to go back to take off my eye bandage in a week and by then, the nurse says that I should feel GREAT!! Can't wait~~

The goggle becomes my accessory. ^^

Top: AA (American Apparel) 3D mesh top
Bottom: Orange Huge Boss suede A-line skirt 
Shoes: Alain open toe suede wrap boot

I almost type w/ my eyes shuts most of the time as the tears coming down unstoppable ..... I will update everything day by day!

Bear w/ me......  **

See you tomorrow.
xoxo Rachel 


Rina said...

wish you'll get well soon! love your blog

Rina said...

wish you'll get well soon! love your blog

sanaa London said...

Hi Rachel, hope you are feeling better. On the second photo is that a Marc Jacobs blouse/top. I have one similar but short sleeved. Love it and it really looks great on you.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Irina, I really needed all the encouragement. Hopefully I can SEE everything w/o feeling sore and tears w/ my eyes soon. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Sanaa:
Thank you, dear. I am feeling much better at 3rd day.

Ah, that 3 D mesh top is from American Apparel (current season). It must be a cheaper version of replica from Marc Jacobs. hahaa.... ^^ I am sure your marc short sleeves version is gorgeous. ^^

Sandie said...

Hi Rachel,
I had epi-lasik a few years ago and the estimated healing time was 2 weeks before I got crystal clear vision. My eyesight was bad so epi-lasik cuts into your cornea a lot deeper. You look a lot better than I did! I was stuck in bed the first few days and I needed two different types of eye drops every 4 hours. But after I completely healed, it was the best decision I ever made! You'll love how you can finally SEE without having to blindly feel for your glasses in the morning. My worst fear used to be that I would lose my glasses and have no contacts.

Btw, I think it's cute how your pictures are slightly blurry. Probably how you're feeling right now huh? It will get better and be sooo worth it!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Sandie:
I must say I love blogging... love to hear voices from everyone. It doesn't have to be fashion related/compliments at all, simply a "wanna to share" kind of feeling.

Thanks so much and even I have heard how wonderful to have vision/life w/o glasses, it won't heard to hear more of experience such as yours.

I probably can't have full vision back since the doctor says that he could only "guarantee" my vision w/ -200, I am grateful enough. I think as long as I have chance to wear contact lens during the night if I needed them for driving. The -200 vision will still give me a glasses-free life most of the time. I am ok...there I didn't wait for next year for another new technology comes out.... geez, that coats like $12,000 and it practically implant a contact lens inside my eyes... which makes me feel like having a "peace maker" by my heart. hahaha.... JK!!

Yeah, as for the blurring picture, it is how I see things now...and the best vision I have so far. hahaha...... I don't know it is THAT blurring though. ^O^

Thanks again, and wish you a great rabbit year!



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