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23 February, 2011

Be Yourself; Make Fashion!!

Yu and I had the most fun and efficient shopping spree today!! 
We both realized that we have been so busy w/ kids' school, outside school activities and cooking, minding house chores that we really need a break and go to the city. Just so, we can see what's display behind the windows and to keep up the fashion sense.....(Well, we can't go NYFW freely each season but we certainly still manage to stay on top of the fashion world!!) 

Our day start with the most aromatic Blue Bottle coffee~

(Left bottom on YU: Chanel 11' striped crochet dress)

When I looked back my outfits, I think I had a crash for blue color these days!!  Not only Yu and I both picked navy as main color for our outfit (another make-us-freaking-out coincidence) but we also purchased Chanel 11' navy short full skirts at NM. ....can't wait to wear it! ^^


I definitely am not crazy but simply had the most fun with my outfit today! Strangers liked my sheer socks + Miu Miu platform look and also wondering if my dress is ONE piece. ^^

I can see million ways of wearing this Karen Walker shirt cape/poncho!!
(You know I bought this top in Taipei last year 2010 when traveling back to Taiwan.)


1. Top:
blue crochet vest (wore as scarf)
RUGBY tiered skirt dress w/ ruffle shoulder
Karen Walker cape shirt (worn as one shouldered top)

2. Bottom:
Dries Van Norton ink-jet print cropped pants

3. Accessory:
Hermes white CDC 
Sheer grey socks
white leather sash as belt

4. Shoes:
Miu Miu platform sandal 2011

We rock SF!!!

Be yourself, and make fashion!!
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Schnappy said...

Cool photos! I like your last 4 collections! :)


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