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Not Another Vintage Inspired Blouse!!

You must have seen this vintage inspired blouse look over and over again. Whether it be on the blog-sphere, on the street or even on 2010 A/W runway show, it indeed is one of the most "practical" trend for this fall/winter. (Yes, if you posses another trendy piece, such as shearling coat or big cape, you pretty much be covered through this winter.)
I am not going to wear it as "the ordinary" way. Meaning, no wide-leg jeans nor wide-leg pants, and even not w/ jeans whatsoever!!  But I didn't say that I'd never wear the blouse w/ jeans or wide leg pants at all. It is just that there is no best apropos way of wearing it.  As long as you show the whole look w/ some kind of nostalgically aesthetic pleasure.


1. Top:
Ralph Lauren Jolene Silk Tie-neck blouse (Their entire site are having 25% off and then they'd donate 10% to Pink Pony Fond.)
Some brand of denim vest (Ah, does this look has always somehow associated w/ jeans in USA? Cultural influences? l…

No sweat!

Yesterday I finally bumped into my SA from Nordstrom shoe salon. 
What's the urge? I have to personally convey my million-thanks to Him for holding up that Christian Louboutin Damask knotted peep-toe platform heels for me and for as long as he can till it goes on sale. ^O^ Having a good relationship w/ your SA can only do you good, capish!!!!
DH and I had a movie/lunch date during the day while kids are all gone at school. How luxury for parents of 3 of us!! ^O^ And as I promised, no sweat by looking at my picture and no sweat of pulling off the look of either pencil skirt or skinny jeans!! 

Yes, little by little, I am decorating our goofy Halloween decor. on the wall and in the house. 

w/ D & G ribbon leopard pencil skirt and LV clutch. 

Why do I end of having these two looks in one day?
My version of sexiness and DH's version of sexiness.

As you probably figured that DH prefers "butt-hugging" skinny jeans instead of "butt-hugging" pencil skirt!!lol

My ODJ. 


A lot of you said that you'd melt away just by looking at me in the yesterday's picture. lol
"Woe is me!!".... I guess I sort of becoming a fashion victim that I so much want to wear fall/winter clothes...haha... and didn't realize sooner enough that we are still in SUMMER!! (Abacedebra~ summer goes away~~ ^^)
I promise tomorrow I'd show you my arms and legs then.......... ^O^

My ODJ. 
1. Top:  Givenchy tank w/ green/black sun burst sequin pattern veil in front
2. Bottom: Romeo and Julia sequin cropped leggings
3. Accessory: Louis Vuitton mini monogram runway clutch 08' J Crew crystal stack bracelet (current)
4. Shoes: Pierre Hardy gray/brown/black platform sandal 10A

As you see, DH took those pictures in the evening and because of his lack of an aesthetic eye, he didn't even notice all that piles of stuff behind me. 
Pardon US!! ^O^ Girls, I'd say if you can wear high heels...go get this Pierre Hardy ones. You won't be disappointed!!
See you tomorrow.
Eat …


I know I'd melt in this outfit.  But to keep my intangible intact, I strutted through my daughters' school hoping no one would actually see me. hahahaha... 

I actually mean I am "intangible" as it is just too HOT to be in the even though only front sides of leather pants. :P
Yes, I went back home to change right after I dropped my kids off at school. 

Ah, where is autumn? ^^
Have a good Tuesday. 
xoxo Rachel

My Review of Taika 13.5 Oz. White Mug

Originally submitted at All Modern
Klaus Haapaniemi’s new Taika collection for iittala merges folklore and architecture to create a modern world of ceramic dinnerware. Produced in two color schemes,... Taika 13.5 Oz. White Mug
A wonderful giftBy litlstrawberry from Cupertino, CA on 9/27/2010 5out of 5 Pros: Brilliant Finish, Creative & FunctionalBest Uses: Display, Holidays, Dinner Parties, Special Occasions, Everyday, Big EventsDescribe Yourself: Frequent Entertainer, StylishI personally love OWL decor. For this, nothing beats a stylish woman drinking coffee or tea w/ this vivid colored owl mug even at home!
trec chic~(legalese)

Shearling Oh Shearling~


I ordered my Burberry Shearling and Suede coat at instead.

Burberry light-mink suede jacket

I am so in love w/ the peplum feminine touch in the back of this otherwise could be too muscular 70's avaitor-like shearling coat. 

Why is it so expensive?! 
Not just because it is "Burberry", mink suede, but also because it is shearling lining all over inside instead of collar and cuffs only!!

Why the weather is still so HOT?? ^^

What a Day!

Hope it won't be long before Niel figures how to get on the bike w/ balance and completely rides alone. We went to Fort Mason, Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. The weather is so nice and warm that we forgot it is almost October.


1. Top:
Zara pink layered ruffle tee (past season)
HM drape front short sleeves jacket

2. Bottom:
Max Co. cropped pants w/ pleats

3. Accessory:
some earrings (gift from Irene)
J Crew sequins belt
Chanel 10A Rouge/Orange 226 caviar reissue 

4. Shoes:
Manolo Blahnik d'orsay pump

Son, I hate the sun and my hand is sore....but I want you to know that "Riding w/ 2-wheel bike is so fast and fun!!!!" ^^

At Crown Crumpet English Tea Room. 

Doll: "Don't dare to smother me because you know I am prettier than you!!!" lol

Treasure Island
Dragon Boat Festival

Paddlers Only booths!

No. 4 is still ahead...

The Trend ~ Kitten Heels!

Hence ~ Pick something you like, not the one advertised by media. ^^

That's it for today~
xoxo Rachel 

A Day - Well Planned!!

I signed up as a volunteer for Niel's school. His school organizes a Project Cornerstone for parents to read books to each class once a month and do some fun activities according to what book is about. I am glad that I have a parter, Mark, whose son also goes to the same class as Niel. And he is a well-experienced volunteer for school.

9:00 AM

Today's book: "Have you filled up your bucket? "
Everyone has to write a "warm fuzzy" = nice words to the other classmate.
  How does it work? If I said that I am so grateful to have you stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I am filling up your invisible bucket!! Then, if I have a smile/Thank-you words in return, we are filling each other's invisible bucket. We'd both be so happy!! ^O^ 

10:30 AM
Figured I have only 3 hours alone and should put it to good use. ^O^


1. Top:
Free people taupe lace tube top
Anthropologie jersey and silk shirt
Ports 1981 sequin cardigan 

2. Bottom:
Joie high waist leather short…

RED All Over!!

I was talking to friends about the new Chanel 10A Rouge/Orange reissue the other day but seems no one would believe that this RED is taken on an orange tint. 

So here is the proof under white, florescent light. 
(left) 10A Chanel Rouge reissue/ (right); 10A Chanel Rouge classic jumbo

Now, do you believe me that MY new reissue (left) has that orange tint underneath!!?

J crew military inspired belt. 

My ODJ. 

1.  Top:
 Ralph Lauren w/ scallop trim knitting cardigan 
2. Bottom:
HM high-waisted rusty color of big pocket cropped pants
3. Accessory:
J Crew belt
Anthropologies mini disc necklace
Chanel 10A rouge caviar 226 reissue
4. shoes:
Alexander Wang Abbey gray/blue high heel sandal 

Finally I scored this A. Wang sandal heels in a sale price. 

Enough RED, that's change to my other OLD love of Chanel then. ^^
xoxo Rachel