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26 September, 2010

Shearling Oh Shearling~


I ordered my Burberry Shearling and Suede coat at instead.

Burberry light-mink suede jacket

I am so in love w/ the peplum feminine touch in the back of this otherwise could be too muscular 70's avaitor-like shearling coat. 

Why is it so expensive?! 
Not just because it is "Burberry", mink suede, but also because it is shearling lining all over inside instead of collar and cuffs only!!

Why the weather is still so HOT?? ^^


janettaylor said...

So hot, but too expensive indeed...btw I also am in love! :)

susanh98 said...

Wow it's gorgeous. Too bad is getting hot now. It's crazy doesn't feel like Fall at all!
Well i'm sure you will be rocking it soon! Can't wait to see you style it!

LS said...

WOAH gorgeous gorgeous piece! Perfect for fall =) I especially love how the details at the bottom of the jacket in the back.
Hope to see your outfit post with it soon!

- Laura

litlstrawberry said...

yeah.... the price is OFF but the jacket is gorgeous nonetheless.

Well, I think we need to re-divide the four seasons in a year.... May is where the spring comes... and late October to Nov. is where fall begins.... ^^

Mona P said...

Congrats on your jacket, looks great!

When you go to London, be sure to check out Burberry stores there. They have AMAZING selection and the prices are much more friendly than here.

I miss London :(


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