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24 September, 2010

The Trend ~ Kitten Heels!


Hence ~
Pick something you like, not the one advertised by media. ^^

That's it for today~
xoxo Rachel 


meipinggg said...

really? :D

cause i'm getting one even if it was or not in fashion. x) too cute to resist. :P

and now i'm really happy it is in fashion. :D

LS said...

Oh your Manolos are gorgeous =)
and yes, I definitely agree with "pick something you like, not what is advertised", cos if you pick something that is advertised, you'll end up regretting it later. (or at least I would haha)

have a great weekend!

litlstrawberry said...

hah, Meipinggg: is that the pair on your blog you are getting? THat's super cute for "student" like you...Ah, you are so YOUNG.... ^^ enjoy your youth!!

litlstrawberry said...

yes, LS, I'd say I might always try to avoid buying "overly exposed" advertising product as they are end of on everyone.../?? or it is not really to my taste. :P

Have a good Weekend, girl!!

Charles said...

I've always loved kitten heels. They are so '50s :) The Marc Jacobs ones are my faves I've seen in a while but I really love yours also! xx

meipinggg said...

hahah, yeahp. that's the pair i'm getting. :) and thankyou! :D i like your shoes too! :D but my feet are kinda wide so i won't be getting shoes like that. D:

litlstrawberry said...

yes, Charles, those heels are so classic and so elegant. They seem never out of style till... i am 50s. haha..

Oh, my, you mean that $1595 of Marc Jacobs? IT is So IT heels and it seems to be Ostrich leather w/ those little bumps ... ^^


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