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02 September, 2010

Shopping w/ me in SF city!

Pei is an engaging shopping companion; she has good taste, patience and most important of all, she is not an impulsive buyer which is a big help to PULL ME BACK from spending madness most of the time!! ^^

We found couple interesting goodies in the city but since our family's Italy trip in mid. Nov. is confirmed, I better save BIG for later on!

I like this Chic Choc pink blush as it has that glitter effect worked as highlighter after applied. 

 I am waiting for Pei outside her house~~ getting bored and doing self-timer shot alone!!!




Givenchy sunburst green sequin tank w/ veil
Splendid gray cardigan
Theory sequin mini skirt
Ann Taylor bib brass w/ crystal necklace
Christian Louboutin Bianca calf heels 
Chanel Hawaii LTD metallic silver clutch 


Peekaboo of Pei's outfit!
Don't you love that Balenciaga's grayish gray twitty! ^^ Cute!


I am so much obsessed w/ puff sleeves...(Nanette Leopore)

Pei and I both fall in love w/ this MARNI's newest sunglasses!!

Marni Green frame sunglasses $425

Marni Brown frame sunglasses $425

Then I met Jami who is a stylist and a beauty. ^^ We love that super wide collared shirt and her fabulous clutch!
I always think boyfriend slouchy jeans has to pair "very feminine" better yet, a sexy TOP .... 
and there, we have similar taste!! 

I also attracted by her wooden platform chunky heels..... yet another feminine touch to that otherwise too slouch boyfriend jeans. 

We all love the pretty stiletto on Yu when she paired that w/ boyfriend jeans. 
Yes, we love HEELS w/ boyfriend/loose fit jeans!

You know, I never liked boyfriend jeans fact, I don't even own one. All my jeans is at least fitted around waist and BUTT.  I hated most if they are "baggy"...... hum..I don't know, I maybe like the idea of loose fit but never want my BIG BUTT to look saggy in the boyfriend jeans!! lol Oh, well, maybe i am just being too much of "butt consciousness"!! 



1. Top:
Boss Orange leopard print halter top 
2. Bottom:
True religion distressed/flared jeans w/ DIY studs and rolled up cuff
3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer designer Africa turquoise loop earrings
Hermes Croc belt 
Chanel Hawaii LTD timeless clutch
4. Shoes:
Marni 09' runway wooden platform stiletto 

I wear flared jeans and roll up the cuff to make it look like boyfriend jeans... I always DO this trick. ^^
Care for giving it a try on yourself?!!


Soup of the day: Beef Ragout (Beef Stew w/ vegetables)

Hungry? Come have a Soup! ^^
xoxo Rachel


Anh said...

I think it would be SO MUCH FUN to shop with you! You ladies always look like you're having fun! =)

Julia said...

omg, can't believe i got the same nail color ... after seeing it on you (i have not tried it), i am a little worry. they looked grey-ish. grey-ish won't look good on my tan feet.

btw, i love spicy too. :)

susanh98 said...

Wow I'm so impressed that you can go shopping w your CL's. I guess all intakes is some practice ;)
You look really good and I really like the blush on you.

litlstrawberry said...

Julia: I think NOW you must try it on. Well, since you have not yet open it maybe you can do exchange. Pei got couple other colors which are very pretty and interesting..

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Anh:
yes, we should find couple more SF bloggers and do a "swift shop party"!! ^^ That would be so much fun too....

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Susan. I am very very much flattered!!!

Oh, I must say after 2 hours walking in the city, we finally sat down in NM cafe for lunch and my feet get rest/recharged. :P

But one thing I hate in the city is when I try to across st. in CL heels cause' everyone seems WALKing LIKE SUPER SONIC SPEED AND i don't want to look like I am walking in a gramma speed... hahahahaha.... Well, besides, the roads are just &^%$##%%^.... :P

Julia said...

i think i am going to give it try and see how it looks on my nail. it is only$23, not worth returning.

i have other colors too. will alternate.

btw, i dont think your butt is too big. hahaha... you are tall so it looks in a right proportion.

Savvy Gal said...

you looked really stylish. it is fun shopping with gal pal. i always love shopping in SF with my gal pal, the stylist too. : )

Btw, thanks for the tip with the tulle skirt for little girl. : )

litlstrawberry said...

savvy girl: not a problem. ^^

I love the two strings of pearls necklace that you said which is great for bride... luxe...lust by moi. ^^


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