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13 September, 2010


You must think that pair of Pierre Hardy platform sandals are way pricy....for everybody...even me!! Yes, I must admit the fact that it is ridiculously priced for $1280 but I am madly in LOVE w/ it.


This pair of brown suede lace-up peep toe wedge is also from Pierre Hardy... for GAP. And only a fraction of its own label $150. 

I was browsing stylebubble's blog and found this runway look so familiar... :P Of course, because of the vagaries of fashion, everyone couldn't be settled for just ONE trend or ONE look. But inspiration is a vital element when looking at a runway show and when it comes to pair ensembles from your own wardrobe!! 

look from:  Ohne Titel 

I wore this whole ensemble to Barney's warehouse sale couple months ago. 


Last summer look~~

I am putting away all summer clothes!
I suggest you do the same. ^O^
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Ooooh, those platforms! Love them!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Those Pierre Hardy's for GAP are pretty awesome, if you ask me!

Love how breathy and 'easy' your last summer look is!

Julia said...

those hardy sandals are amazing... you got them, no? i could not figure it out from your posts.

litlstrawberry said...

Of course I got THEM... one pair.... of that green/gray/black. I think I put a note on my previous picture... (I brought that bebe home w/ me).

susanh98 said...

WOW amazing shoes. Can't wait to see you model it again!


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