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23 September, 2010

A Day - Well Planned!!

I signed up as a volunteer for Niel's school. His school organizes a Project Cornerstone for parents to read books to each class once a month and do some fun activities according to what book is about. I am glad that I have a parter, Mark, whose son also goes to the same class as Niel. And he is a well-experienced volunteer for school.

9:00 AM


Today's book: "Have you filled up your bucket? "
Everyone has to write a "warm fuzzy" = nice words to the other classmate.

  How does it work? If I said that I am so grateful to have you stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I am filling up your invisible bucket!! Then, if I have a smile/Thank-you words in return, we are filling each other's invisible bucket. We'd both be so happy!! ^O^ 

10:30 AM
Figured I have only 3 hours alone and should put it to good use. ^O^



1. Top:
Free people taupe lace tube top
Anthropologie jersey and silk shirt
Ports 1981 sequin cardigan 

2. Bottom:
Joie high waist leather shorts

3. Accessory:
Louis Vuitton silver loop w/ 3 signature charms earrings
gray socks
two tones croc embossed leather belt
Chanel 09' cruise matte white 227 reissue

4. Shoes:
Alexander Wang Abbey sandal heels 

It turns out this Ports 1961 second hand cardigan $89 is so practical to me. 

Same shade but different textures will give your same colored outfit some depth and fun. 

I intended to leave my bag unbuttoned...but I guess I won't even dare to do that when travel to Italy this November. 

Then I start putting Halloween pieces around my house... untill....... gotta go picking up Niel from school at 2 PM, and dropping off for Chinese class at 3:30 PM. Again, picking up Ilona and Heidi from school around 3:45 PM. Running errands in between, then picking up Niel at 4:30 PM and rushing from Cupertino to Los Gatos for both Niel and Heidi's 4:45 PM Piano Class. .... VROOM, VROOM ~~~~ (Of course I am, we are, late for 5 mins when we were there about 4:50 PM already.)

Anyone wants to be hired as private chauffeur?  lol

5:35 PM

It is 6:30 PM when we arrived home for dinner. Who says that I'd be Super relaxed and FREE when kids are all gone for school????!! 


"WOMEN and CATS do as they please. 
Men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea!!!"

Have you filled up your bucket yet?
Have a good laugh!
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

LOOOVE your outfit - the colors are perfect for you, you look flawless, rachel!! And I definately liek your school volounteering pursuts too - it actually souns like a lot of fun!

P.S. As for my vacation, it's in a little more than a week!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Really lovely post- I am so happy we met in this blog world.

I like your blog which is clearly a reflection of you and your adorable family-

I like the bucket story.

AND I LOVE the sign- Lucky for me my husband has known this from the get go!

Have a great day!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Julia;

What's your favorite season? I like fall the most .... like cooler weather, falling leaves... ^^ Enjoy your vacation.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Ren. I am glad we found each other in blog-sphere as well. ^^

I must say that you are a lucky gal that it took my DH 7 years of our marriage to finally "see" that but not "actually doing it" yet.... :P

You too, dear, good day!

Lots-A-Smiles Photography said...

you never cease to amaze me with your energy level! I only have 1 kid and I can't seem to find time for myself! By the time she's asleep at nite, I'm ready to conk too...sigh...


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