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15 September, 2010

Leather Craving.

I have both faux leather leggings and skirt.  But when it comes to comfort and quality issue, I'd opt for investing a real one.

I bought this Preen Line studs leather/polyester or nylon pants couple weeks ago and waited to wear it when the weather gets much more cool down!!

DO I look like a "Hedgehog" w/ all the studs on my bag and pants...hahahaha...  lol.


My ODJ. 

1. Top:
Zara camel tee w/ sheer shoulder
Chris and Jaime camel cape 
 2. Bottom:
Preen Line leather pants w/ studs
3. Accessory:
Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel bag
Sergio Rossi red heels

As Ceci (my friend from Canada) requested... front view of leather pants..... leg hugging? ^^

Butt hugging!! ^^ 
I think I'd love to ask my TRX instructor give us more work-out on our hamstring. 

It is almost Chinese Moon Festival...... I'd go shopping for moon cakes!
xoxo Rachel 


ceci said...

Hot!Hot!Hot! Dare to show the front of your leather pants!! I think that's a very smart cutting & with a mixed of the leather/polyester! I had all-leather pants before, but I don't like the very stiff feel/look & they don't really show the line of the legs. Love this!

I've picked up the moon cakes already & Jacob is already asking if he could have one soon! But, no! We have to wait till Sept.22 =p

janettaylor said...

What funny pants! Love those heels so much!

litlstrawberry said...

haha, Ceci: you mean Do I dare to show the front of my leather pants> or the back view of my polyester-covered butt!?! ^^

Right, you have a point... most leather pants can't really stretch so it really doesn't flatter much of us legs nor butt... I was thinking unless you have either boyfriend figure or very very "curvy" butt, most leather pants tend to flatten or saggy our bottoms. :P I am glad that this one works great on me...loving it!

Oh, I think I might need to order couple boxes of MOON cake for gifts. Thanks for letting me know the exact date!!

janettaylor said...

P.S.- Please click at the "Prada wedges". This is a direct link. ;-)


ceci said...

haha...Yes both front & back if you like! Want to see the studs in the front up close! They seem very interesting!

I'm sad to say not many Chinese over here, but we want our kids to know about special Chinese festivals too! Get the mini moon cakes! Much healthier I think! But, I don't eat them anyway =p

Charles said...

those red heels are so hot! and I love the cape too :) xx


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