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29 September, 2010

No sweat!

Yesterday I finally bumped into my SA from Nordstrom shoe salon. 

What's the urge? I have to personally convey my million-thanks to Him for holding up that Christian Louboutin Damask knotted peep-toe platform heels for me and for as long as he can till it goes on sale. ^O^ Having a good relationship w/ your SA can only do you good, capish!!!!

DH and I had a movie/lunch date during the day while kids are all gone at school. How luxury for parents of 3 of us!! ^O^ And as I promised, no sweat by looking at my picture and no sweat of pulling off the look of either pencil skirt or skinny jeans!! 


Yes, little by little, I am decorating our goofy Halloween decor. on the wall and in the house. 

w/ D & G ribbon leopard pencil skirt and LV clutch. 

Why do I end of having these two looks in one day?

My version of sexiness and DH's version of sexiness.

As you probably figured that DH prefers "butt-hugging" skinny jeans instead of "butt-hugging" pencil skirt!!lol


My ODJ. 

1. Top:
Agnes b' white blouse w/ black beads (bought in Paris)

2. RUGBY white low-rise skinny jeans

3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer white Africa turquoise earring w/ silver loop
Hermes green/olive croc belt
Chanel 10A Rouge/orange reissue 226

4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin Greissimo damask fabric platform black/white



TO share w/ you all:
"The Chinese usually put their kids before their husbands and themselves but I believe that parents with a solid relationship is better for the kids."...quoted from today's email sent by a sweet reader of mine.

xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

My vote is the 2nd combo! :D

litlstrawberry said...

hah, thanks, sweetheart. IT does appear to me that the white skinny jeans is more attractive. ^^


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