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Randomly Get away!

What's the best advantage of being a stay-home-mom?
Time is all yours if you manage it well. On the contrary, time is all wasted if you didn't manage it well.

What's the pro of having friends who doesn't shop for fashion?
So you don't end of spending money and thinking of doing price adjustment everyday!!! lol
NO. I was just kidding.

All kids need our attention, education and dedication, and beyond fashion, we have to remind ourselves constantly what's our greatest duty to be a good mom.

These two days, my little daughter is so happy that she has all my attention. Yesterday my friends and I enjoyed a nice coffee break together w/ kids.

OMG, I think I need to stop doing all these facial wrinkles!!!! Oh, Cathy, what are you doing w/ taking all those pic. of me talking!!!!??? lol

The Herve Lerger high waist pants is so body flatter.

Today, my girl friend and I took ferry at Ferry Building in SF city for a little get away! The weather in SF city is s…

Neon Mood!!

Just when the weather gets so hot and I am ready to rock my neon outfits...the weather suddenly changed. However, I am still in a mood wearing something very bright then I found this neon pink skinny jeans from Levis which I bought during the trip down to L.A. I bought total of 3 bright jeans, they are blue, coral and neon pink. They are super comfortable.

Now looking at my pic. I can't justify if the jeans are actually cropped or it is just my legs are being too long for it. hah....


1. TOP:
Cashmere coral/yellow tank w/ one shoulder ribbon Tsesay cashmere baby pink cardigan w/ zipperJ Crew hot pink short sleeves cardigan2. Bottom:Levis neon pink jeans w/ side ankle zipper
3. Shoes: Diesel gladiator heels
4. Chanel Coral Valentine's medium flap
5. Chanel 09 s/s pink camellia w/ tear drop pearl earrings

I think I am going to buy lots of similar colors outfits in the I can do as many layering as possible for fun!!!!

Now I am up to find a pair of pink heels or gold…

New: Valentino Side Bow Sling Back Heels!

So, again, couple of my friends bought Valentino heels during the promotion. All of us got 25% off for the heels. No matter it is a pair of sling backs or pumps, basically, we all love its side bow and patent texture of it.

It seems that we friends tend to appreciate each other's taste more and more these day. But does it mean now we know how to choose stuff w/ better style and quality after friends' approval? hahah...I don't know!!Maybe!!!

The color is called MUD but in fact, is a dark shade of taupe!

Platform style of sling back w/ beautiful wooden heels.


1. TOP:
Max&Co. gray w/ ribbon trim and knot blouseTrina Turk haltered vestMcginn cropped blazer2. Bottom: TSE high waist/ankle pants
3. Chanel matte white reissue 227
4. Vintage Designer Vera ladybug scarf in Gray
5. Valentino patent sling back in MUD

I want to find a wider and longer purple satin ribbon using as a belt for this pants in the future.

Somehow I think my sunglasses matches the color of this Valenti…

Neon Green Tank, Stella McCartney for Adidas !!!

I came across this neon green tank from Adidas last weekend when shopping w/ my DH. As a matter of fact, it is him who is looking for a sporty jacket and I was sneaky thinking of finding a top to match my other Stella McCartney cropped pants I bought like 3 years ago. The SA in Adidas gave us a $15 off coupon when spending over $90 so it is a perfect excuse to get something for me w/ the instant rebate.

Again, Irene and I also bought this pair of pants from InterMix when we were in Vegas. Neither of us wore the pants yet as we are still looking for the perfect match for it. However, when I bought the neon green tank, I thought they will be a great pair. So, here we go!!!

My ODJ!!

1. TOP:
Stella McCartney for Adidas tank top (the back has very sexy/breathable design for running)Elethbeth & James white blazer2. Bottom: IRO light gray pants w/ fold over waist and strap
3. Bag: Balenciaga violet part-time bag
4. Chanel 09 multiple pearls w/ rhinestone and CC logo w/ crystals necklace
5. …

Same pants, Same Sunglasses, and Identical looks!!!

Is it just a coincidence that friends will end up buying the same thing when go shopping together or is it a truth that friends who have similar taste will get along better too?

I would say either and both. These days, I went shopping w/ my friend, Irene, a lot. Since our Vegas trip, everything we love is almost the same design, look, color....etc. and people even start asking us "are we sisters?" Of course, it is an honor to both of us since we are great friends, and I like some good qualities found in Irene too.

This Chloe sunglasses is the first same thing we bought together. After that, we bought same couple more things and we two start wondering that maybe we should just share w/ each other and buy more other things we both love. lol However, we also have distinctive tastes from each other and we always wear the same thing w/ different style .


Please let me know if you are bored w/ my Zara striped blazer already!! :P Even thought I am doing my best to recycle my e…

Chanel Two Layered & Two Toned Stockings.

I bought this pair of Chanel hosiery in Vegas. They come in two different shades. One is black and black w/ upper thigh slightly opaque compared to the part at the calf. Another design is black w/ slightly pink tone at calf which is the one I bought.

They are about $225 or $250 and is the most expensive "hosiery" I ever spent on. My girl friends all worried that I am not going to get a lot wear out of them. They think eventually I will snag a hole of this Chanel hosiery. I told them, even one day I did snag them, I will poke more holes or tears to make them look like a pair of distressed stockings on me. haha....... However, surprisingly, when I put this Chanel hosiery on w/ my nails clinching couple times, the hosiery seems strong enough to resist the dragging from my nail.

There are actually 2 layers of this stockings and that's why it is so durable compared to most fancy hosiery. Chanel made inseam at the back from the part of the butt all the way down to the toes whi…

Real Life After Coming Back From Vegas!!

In real life, we are moms.

We are not just moms, we are super moms. We enjoy life of being a wife, a mom and also just being ourselves sometimes. For me, life is all about great balance!!!

I, in fact, took kids to SF city again this morning.

We girls get back together this afternoon for taking all our kids to the park.

Those are just a small group of super moms I know!!


1. TOP:
American Apparel white tankAlice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet wind breaker denim jacket 2. Bottom: LaRok skinny pants w/ beads at sides
3. Shoes: Lanvin two tone flat
4. Chanel 08 gray classic jumbo
5. Chanel 09 black bow earrings w/ cc logo
6. Accessory:
Puma red capChloe sunglasses

Thanks Cathy for taking this pic. for me.

Irene & her daughter.

hah.....even me enjoy this see-saw very much!!

Cathy & her older son w/ my daughter.

Pei w/ Ann's daughter.

4/13 (Mon.) Last Day At Vegas w/ Girl Friends!!!

We actually booked to see "Kai" show but somehow we canceled it due to the ticket price. We could have made it to the show if we didn't spend so much time shopping, walking, and clubbing. We didn't regret it though, maybe next year we could squeeze some time to see a show when we visited Vegas again.

In fact, we girls are talking about Europe trip in the future and guessing what our husbands would say about it if we asked. lol

Our suite room is quite big but we never had chance to sit at the living room. The bathroom and the beds are the only two places we ever touched. Today we had nothing planned except for visiting Barnes New York (again), Chloe boutique (Palazzo Hotel), and shops at Caesar Place Hotel. Thus, we took last couple pic. together in our room before we check out. Time sure flies fast, it is already the last day in Vegas.

Bye bye Venetian, bye bye Vegas!!

I guess everyone has one or two sequins top or dress or even shorts and skirt!!!

Cathy's matching …

4/12 (Sun.) Day 2 in Vegas w/ Girl Friends!

First of all, I have to thank Irene for coordinating every one's schedule to make this dream trip happen.

On Sunday, we planned to treat ourselves to a beauty spa in Mandalay Bay Hotel. Our appointment at The Bathhouse spa is at 1 PM. But since yesterday we stood up so late, we didn't wake up until 11 AM. However, neither Cathy nor I think we actually fell asleep as we were still so exhausted when waked up. And I am the one who slept the least but got up from the bed the first. I went to gamble alone after clubbing till 5 or 6 in the morning. Well, the time in Vegas is too luxury to stay in bed anyway. lol Pei probably slept not bad at all as I can hear she snores persistently throughout the night. haha............

We each had either Swedish or Deep-muscle massage. I recall my last massage is when I traveled back to Taiwan. My Dad took us family to Thailand and he called for two people to our room. In Thailand, most massagers' body frame are small-built but I am surpri…