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Washed Light Denim Blazer!!

I have been reading white-washed denim blazers are so popular in the magazine. It is not easy to pull off the look of washed-white denim blazers or jackets. I don't want to end up looking like a janitor nor a contractor. Neither would I want to wear a super short shorts nor a mini skirt to go w/ it, that style is just too cliche!! I'd need more creativity to pair my denim blazer w/.

So I think some strong color will break the kick back imagines and some feminine touches will add a sophisticated look when wearing the denim blazer. Here is the ensemble I came up w/ from my wardrobe. Now I have convinced myself once again that I bought this super hot, originated from Seattle's designer, Chris Benz, navy distressed shirt is so versatile and classic.


1. TOP:
  • Taupe tank made in France
  • H&M floral print pink bustier
  • Miss Sixty light denim blazer
  • Chris Benz Navy cropped bias cut shirt
2. Bottom: Diesel low waist white jeans
3. Shoes:
  • Diesel gladiator heels (today I exchange the laces w/ black sheer ribbon)
  • Chanel tulle camellia pink satin sling back heels
4. Chanel matte white reissue 227 09 cruise collection
5. Accessory:
  • Gold disc chain earrings
  • Target bought flower pin
Layering is the best I can do to recycle my clothes for a new look.

Ribbon laces softened the gladiator heels look too.

I am going to get a new pair of sunglasses tomorrow when we gals fly to Las Vegas!!!!!!

I like this pair of Chanel tulle camellia sling backs very much and I like the feminine look of this combination a lot too.

Chris Benz silk navy shirt adds perfect luxury feeling to this understated ensemble on me.


Betsy said…
Great layering look again! You definitely mix it up with layering and simple. I'm envious that you and the gals are heading to Vegas on your own this weekend. One of these days, I'm hoping that DH and my friends' DH will be able to handle our kids so we can jet off to some relaxation and fun too.

You really give that Target flower brooch a lot of exposure! It definitely punches up the different outfits that you have used it with.

Which pair of sunglasses are you getting? I'm looking for a new pair as well, but nothing has really caught my attention. There were a few sunglasses trunkshow last weekend at NM PA, but I couldn't make it.

Btw, the new camellia scarf is really beautiful because those are some of my favorite color combo. I really can't wait to see your Vegas pics because you guys are a stylish bunch and I"m sure there will be lots of eye candies.

Finally, I guess the music class didn't work out with Sara, huh. Any chance that you guys are trying to work out another time?
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: Thanks. You know, after I adjust my work-out schedule and energy, I think I am feeling recharged instead of "drained" after each exercise. haha..we girls these days calling each other A LOT...just to check up w/ each other that did you pack yet???? what clothes you are going to wear? How many pair of heels are you taking??...etc. OH, MY, gotta tell you I have nothing Fancy packed except for one pair of Jimmy Choo water snakeskin long boots that haven't made its debut yet and I am def. taking it w/ me. haha... Hope it is COLD enough for me to wear BOOTS and hot enough to pair it w/ MINI skirt. hahahahahahaha......

I think I am going to pack tonight, we are leaving tomorrow at 1PM and we will be at Vegas around 3PM. OK...speaking w/ you at this moment i am really feeling the excitement.....Pei just called me about how much we should bring along when go gambling.....haha..I said for me, $300 is the top. No matter win to lose, I never overdraw more than $300. haha...

Yeah, I think PEER pressure works to adults too. OUR DH is showing generiosity before we even asked if we can go alone. THey probably think we are going to leave the kids to some "stranger" or "baby-sitters who is probably not very responsible" and go out at night.
ha/.... (there is a long store that we planned to take along our kids and have fun at Vegas..but since Pei's DH volunteered to take care of their only son,.....which makes all of us including DHs to think, maybe it is better to just let we girls go out ourselves. haha..YES!!!!!

Thanks, Betsy. I like scarf especially when we don't think scarf is for elderly people anymore. haha..I used to think it is such a BIG show-off accessory other than ring, earrings, belt..... it is just so obvious when you are using a scarf like that. (NOT winter scarf. you know what I meant)

Nop, the music class didn't work out for YOUNGER age. My son and the other boy had private music every other SUN. I will see if Sara has day time for younger kids so my little one can attend. (like almost 2 yr. to 3 1/2 children)
litlstrawberry said…
oh, btw, Betsy: I bought 2 floral brooches from target and they are all little flowers print. I saw Anthro. use brooch to dress up ensembles on display windows and I don't know if they sell brooches too. I bet they must be pricier. haha.... Yes, I am very practical person so even though I like fashion a lot, I dare to buy things that is TOO trendy to me. But I guess sometimes it is also great to splurge for a trendy piece even though you only wear it like twice and then you have to store it for another 5 or 10 years when fashion comes back. is a memory. We all need good memories like that, right!!? hehe...
milkshake214 said…
Love the look with Chanel heels... so soft. Glad to see the layering again. Have fun in Vegas~
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, Betsy: I once saw a pair of Oliver People sunglasses (not the one w/ white/light topaz, this is a different style) w/ metal frame. The frame is so unique that it is metal but doesn't look like it's made of metal. It is wider and flat metal frame so it looks like over-sized plastic frame too. I probably will go check out some more in Vegas.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Nancy: thanks. I am back w/ more feeling about layering. You know, when weather gets warmer, I forgot how to do layering....these days sure gets cooler. I guess I have to bring a warmer jacket w/ me to Vegas.

I am going to pack tonight.
zhu said…
Hi R.,
I was thinking about sending you a email, but what's better than leaving a comment on your blog, to let you know that i do read your blog!

i love reading your days of activities with your kids. it inspired me with ideas and motivation. also i love to see what you wear when you spent your time with kids. can fashion be immigrated to a motherhood? oh yeah, just look at you!

your new look is the mix of rough (western, cowboy kinda vibe) and feminine. - i love how your balance it so well.

hope you have a great time in vegas,

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia:
I was just thinking about you before we headed to Vegas since I have been busy these past two weekends and you only show up on the weekends too. :) Hope you are doing well w/ your handsome son and family.

Thanks for your compliments and I am very happy as mommy thread and here (blog) can entertain not only just my friends but also far, far, far away friends, like you can enjoy too. My mommy friends and I all had a great time in Vegas and we can't believe 3 days is not even enough for us to shop and clubbing all the places we want even w/o our kids. Before my DH and I always thought Vegas is not fun for kids but I think I was wrong. It will be fun w/ kids but just total different activities from this trip. haha..... We went to Mandalay Bay for spa and that area is great for family!!!! I don't know when is the next time we girls get together and do damage again but sure this time is one of the best memory in our life. :)
Michelle said…
Hi R!! Welcome back!! I actually left you a comment on your last outfit w/ the Chanel silk scarf in your blog...but you may have missed it. Anyway, just want to say Belated Happy Easter and glad you had fun at Las Vegas!! It's so great to take a break from the kids once in a while! Ooh...I can't even remember when was the last time I went abroad with girlfriends only!! The last time was Thailand and we had a blast just shopping, eating, clubbing and spa!! LOL!!

Anyway, love your layering on this outfit! Can't believe you can rock your denim blazer by adding a very thin silk fabric on top of it!! Great layering technique!!

Also, in your last outfit, you're rocking that Chanel silk scarf w/ your simple yet chic outfit!! I never own a silk scarf in my life coz I thought they are for more matured woman only. But now I see that it's makes a simple outfit very elegant and stylish! Now, I want one too!! Do you happen to have the style number and color code of your scarf? I love this color combo very much for summer and since I love "flowers" in all sorts of accessories, I think this is it!! about influence!!

Waiting for you to post beautiful pics from your trip (and of course, I'm sure u'll have a new loot from Vegas, right?)!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michelle:

How have you been? Geez, you know, your last modeling outfits are all so "fantastic", I am impressed w/ your energy too. :0

Yeh, when girls only, we do shopping, clubbing, spa and eating. Oh, I had pretty bad allergy from the sheets in the hotel. Today I went to have a shot for putting away the rashes on my elbows,and back down to butt. haha... we girls thought I had too much alcohol and w/ that lousy cocktail served in the bar. well.... the Doc. say it could be the heavy starch and detergent they used for bedding. lol Sucks!!!!!.......

Thanks for your compliments. I went back to the post and I read your meg. again. hah...yes, I always thought silk scarf is for more matured woman but I guess these days, fashion designer made strong impression of using scarves to lighten up a whole ensemble.

I don't have the sku# for the scarf...where it would be?? They gave me a flat paper box and there is no sticker w/ info like on boxes for bags or accessories. That's very weird. Maybe I will double check it tomorrow.

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