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08 April, 2009

Go Green (color)!!! Hat Again!!!

People asked me: "How can I dress up everyday and take care of 3 young kids all by myself???? "

Even when I took my little daughter to see an allergist on Monday, the feminine doctor asked me twice: " So seriously, you don't have a nanny at home to help you out w/ kids or anything? Seriously?
I nodded and said: "Yes, I think I can do it alone so I never really wanted a nanny."

Then she goes:
"Who take kids to school then?" I answered: "My DH!! He drives kids to school on the way to his work."

Well, I should say that
my DH shares a lot w/ me in terms of nurturing our 3 children and we work as a team on everything, ok, almost!!!

People would keep asking me: "Where are your energy coming from??" I honestly say, "I don't know."

Now I think I have the answer: "I am over charged before, but now I am all drained by Yoga and Pilate." haha......... I tend to dress simpler after a work-out day and now definitely have my friends, Cathy and Irene's influences on styles a lot too. They are either casual chic, or eclectic posh and I love both of the look from them. See, who says only teenagers have peer pressure. Even adults have it too!!!!!!! hahah...

I went to do Yoga yesterday and Pilate this morning. I think I have little energy left to play dress-up game, besides, I still need to be a good mom for my kids and a loving wife too!! Can't let my kids and DH come home w/o a decent dinner waiting for them.

My ODJ!!
1. TOP:

  • American Vintage taupe shirt
  • No brand gray fringe vest
2. Bottom: Na-nang green carpi pants w/ ruched draw string
3. Green hat (Target)
4. Shoes: Diesel gladiator heels
5. Bag: Lanvin leopard happy sac

Ok, so I should have wore different colored bra. lol

After showering, I have absolutely no make up on!!

Fun, fun, fun vest!!

One of my favoriate sunglasses: Balenciaga two tone oversided sunglasses!!


milkshake214 said...

you really are full of energy! I only have 2 and was considering hiring a nanny. Looking great as usual. I do miss your layering though =)

P.S. Enjoyed your last post about your mini vacation. Great to see you and your family had lots of fun!

Betsy said...

It's funny that even the allergist had to ask how you can look so good with 3 kids. :) You let everyone know that it *IS* indeed possible to be a good mom, a loving wife, and love yourself too.

I saw Cathy's (I believe that's her name) recent reveal on the Hermes thread and I'm not surprised you all influence each other. You all look so fabulous.

Your gladiator heels are so fun and quite different from others I've seen. Great buy!

Purse Addict said...

When I grow up...I want to be just like you!! but seriously, its amazing how you can juggle taking care of your 3 kids, look amazing, and stay in shape!!


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