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17 April, 2009

4/13 (Mon.) Last Day At Vegas w/ Girl Friends!!!

We actually booked to see "Kai" show but somehow we canceled it due to the ticket price. We could have made it to the show if we didn't spend so much time shopping, walking, and clubbing. We didn't regret it though, maybe next year we could squeeze some time to see a show when we visited Vegas again.

In fact, we girls are talking about Europe trip in the future and guessing what our husbands would say about it if we asked. lol

Our suite room is quite big but we never had chance to sit at the living room. The bathroom and the beds are the only two places we ever touched. Today we had nothing planned except for visiting Barnes New York (again), Chloe boutique (Palazzo Hotel), and shops at Caesar Place Hotel. Thus, we took last couple pic. together in our room before we check out. Time sure flies fast, it is already the last day in Vegas.

Bye bye Venetian, bye bye Vegas!!

I guess everyone has one or two sequins top or dress or even shorts and skirt!!!

Cathy's matching orange/brown tone sequins vest w/ checkered shirt!

On me: Elle moss tiered top; Zara shorts; Elizabeth & James black long vest; wool hat and TOD's flat

This is such an unforgettable trip for all of us.

I love Irene's 3.1 Phillip Lim bib tank w/ ivory bow top.

Pei and Cathy bought a pair of Marni sunglasses at Barnes New York. Both are on sale for only $159, it is a steal!!!

Me and Irene bought the same pair of Chloe sunglasses in Chloe boutique. We ask boutique to match the price of Barnes New York since there are $30 difference. haha.....

I love how this retro look of Chloe sunglasses add an uber-chic attitude to our look.

It looks not bad at all on Cathy too.

At noon, we had lunch at Dal Toro Ristorante inside Palazzo Hotel.
We also have a 20%off coupon w/ it so we thought it is great chance to give it a try. It is just coincident that we dined twice at restaurants inside Palazzo Hotel. However, I have to say, they really aren't bad at all. We enjoyed the Japanese food the day before and I love the thin crusted Prosciutto pizza very much too. We girls have been walking for a while so we are starving by the time we found the restaurant. We asked our waiter give us some bread frist. They serve very tasty handmade dipping sauce of mashed anchovy, whole olive, parsley, extra virgin olive oil to go w/ the bread. And I always give a restaurant extra points if they serve fresh and warm bread.

Their Latte is good too.

Cathy's new acquisition of Marni sunglasses and Chanel CC reversible necklace.

We are in front of Anthropologie which is inside of Caesar Palace Hotel.

The reason Pei is missing in most of our pic. is she is always busy exchanging everything along the way. lol

Then we shopped and almost dropped till 5:30 PM. We have to go back to Venetian Hotel to get our luggage before catching our fly at 7:30 PM.

We almost missed our plane as Irene read the wrong number of our boarding can actually picture us four
running from gate to gate w/ Irene at the very front, Cathy is after her and me at 3rd place dragging my 2 luggage, while Pei is eating her Subway Sandwich w/ some voices teasing "run, run, run" from the airport crowd. haha.....It was so hilarious.

So those memory will be left at Vegas, and in our memory until our next girl's trip.

Special thanks to Cathy that she took a lot of pic. for us so I will be able to document this wonderful trip very thoroughly.

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