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4/12 (Sun.) Day 2 in Vegas w/ Girl Friends!

First of all, I have to thank Irene for coordinating every one's schedule to make this dream trip happen.

On Sunday, we planned to treat ourselves to a beauty spa in Mandalay Bay Hotel. Our appointment at
The Bathhouse spa is at 1 PM. But since yesterday we stood up so late, we didn't wake up until 11 AM. However, neither Cathy nor I think we actually fell asleep as we were still so exhausted when waked up. And I am the one who slept the least but got up from the bed the first. I went to gamble alone after clubbing till 5 or 6 in the morning. Well, the time in Vegas is too luxury to stay in bed anyway. lol Pei probably slept not bad at all as I can hear she snores persistently throughout the night. haha............

We each had either Swedish or Deep-muscle massage. I recall my last massage is when I traveled back to Taiwan. My Dad took us family to Thailand and he called for two people to our room. In Thailand, most massagers' body frame are small-built but I am surprised that all of them have great strength. Needless to say, Thai massage is one of the best, you really can feel yourself being energetic again afterward. It is like all the organs, muscles, and artery inside are all relaxed by the massager's magical hands!!! Besides, the cost is way much cheaper in Thailand.

After massage, we replenished ourselves w/ mineral water and fresh fruits which is complimentary from the spa. Pei kept complaining that her massager didn't really get to the spot where she felt sore. Also, the original massager she requested didn't show up and they substituted the other massager for her. So she was so upset!!! Therefore, we girls decided to spend as much time as possible in the sauna, jacuzzi, and steam room, just so to get our money & tips worth it. We joked that it must be because
we are MOMS, and moms tend to calculate every spending microscopically. In fact, except me, Irene, Pei and Cathy spent almost 2 hr. in the steam room and sauna, they think their skin is going to be fair and tender!!!!! As for me, I really can't stand staying in the steam room for 5 mins. so I left early to gamble again.

When only girls are around, we felt that we are back to our early 20s. hehe..

Oh,my first cup of coffee!!

We are happy as there are only us using the jacuzzi.

This moment, I cannot ask for more!!!

Irene is surprised that I still can uplift my leg that high. haha.......

About an hour later, I am really bored w/ gambling all by myself so I went back to see if my gals are done. We didn't eat anything the whole day except for fruits, water, and juice from the spa. Of course, if you think coffee is some type of "food" too then I guess I absolutely being satisfied w/ my caffeine addiction already.

The whole setting in Bathhouse Sap is very contemporary.

I would say Mandalay Bay Hotel is very suitable for family w/ kids to stay. I saw so many moms or dads pushing stroller around inside the hotel. I suddenly miss my DH and 3 children so much. It situated a little away from Venetian, Ballagio, and that's the reason we didn't stay at Mandalay Bay this time. Next year, I probably would want to take my family to Vegas again and stay there. Pei likes contemporary design very much so she also likes Wynn and Encore Hotels.

In fact, the whole Mandalay Bay Hotel is a very modern architectural design from inside.

After my gals get dressed, we plan to shop at the stores in Palazzo, Encore, Wynn Hotels, and Barnes New York. It is so much more convenient when staying close to where all the nice boutiques are. We took a cab back to our hotel and walk ourselves to the shops. You know, funny thing is that even everyone was starving but we just seem couldn't find the time to eat!!!!

Off to shop till we drop!!

Here we are in Barnes New York. They have the best selection of heels. Cathy bought a whole outfit there and she is ready for tonight's clubbing!!

We manage to look energetic for pic. but we were all so starving by the time!!

We were back in
Palazzo Hotel. Pei and I were craving for a bowl of hot noodle soup so we finally decided off to look for our first meal of the day!!! lol

People think Irene and I look like sisters!!

Pei and Irene forgot to bring their camera w/ them. So just by taking pic. for all of us is exhausting and time-consuming....haha....

Everyone looks plain, but wait till tonight!! We are going to rock again!! haa.......

We found a Japanese restaurant "
SushiSamba" in Palazzo Hotel. They serve great Japanese style calamari called Chicharron de Calamar w/ vinegar dipping sauce which we think is so special. We also had some Kobe beef they called BoBo Brazil ( it's seared kobe beef, avocado, kaiware, shiso, red onion, chimichurri) and we love it! I think all the sushi/food they served would taste really good too.

During dinner, Cathy told us she really wants to go to the show "
Chip & Dale". IF you are not so familiar what it is, it is in fact a MAN dancing show. Well, I am not so sure about it either since we never end up going. Poor Cathy, maybe next time. haha........ We finished our dinner around 9 PM and all of us are exhausted from a whole day's walking!!!!! But we have not finished our mission in Vegas, SHOP, SHOP and SHOP!!!

The food are all gone by the time we took this pic. haha...

Looking at this pic. I can't seem to remember when did Cathy take this one for us??!!

I can't remember this is inside Wynn or Encore Hotel. We girls walk around so much and I feel I got the best exercise in Vegas just by walking!!!!!

If I recall it correctly, Pei bought herself a gorgeous Chanel belt which is same design of my brooch from Paris trip and hers can even use as a necklace.

Irene bought a nice black Chanel cap which allows she look sassy even when a casual day!! An attitude is what a nice/cool hat can add to an simple outfit.

Cathy bought a simple Chanel CC logo reversible necklace from 09 s/s collection the next day!!

Everyone got herself little something from Chanel. We went to Hermes in Wynn Hotel to see if they have Birkins available. We don't like the SAs there and I think she was almost fainted when we left w/ nothing too!!!!! haha......

When we back to our hotel, it is almost 12 AM. We looked at each other silent seeming to wait for someone getting started for clubbing. We know we were tired and lack of sleep from yesterday but none of us seem to give in just yet!!

My girls instigated me to change first and see what's the style I would be. Well, I guess I could warm them up by dressing up myself then. So I started w/ my "altered vintage Dior one shoulder top". We were playing w/ our outfits, poses, doing make-ups till almost 1 AM. It is hard to believe that it was already 1:oo in the morning when we girls are ready to go!! That kind of time is usually me and my DH finish our movies at home and off to bed!!! lol

I bought this disc bronze belt from Zara in Vegas. I decided not to wear a whole set w/ this Dior dress but borrow Cathy's mini shorts-skirt instead.

This is Irene's outfit for tonight. It was a silky, golden skirt which she wore as a strapless top.

Cathy got this whole outfit from Barnes. The back of the leather vest is really sexy w/ "T" style. The black spots on her white tank top is school of fish!!!

Whenever we girls get dressed, Pei complained that she doesn't have clothes to wear neither heels to rock in. hah....... I guess we all do that when we are trying to go out everytime. Pei brought couple heels w/ her but none of them seem to be comfortable to walk in w/. She claims she is going to get rid of all her heels at home and start a new collection.

Pei wore flip flop on our way to Lavo lounge and bring the heels in that bag she was holding!!! lol

Then we girls get nauty after warming up ourselves. Irene and I were playing "Chip & Dale" girls version except we didn't strip. haha....

Someone suggested us
Lavo lounge inside Palazzo Hotel is nice and their guests average age is more mature and higher class. So we are off to Lavo lounge!!!!

The interior design is not bad when looking from the top.

No one is here at the middle floor. I am guessing those are real sinks!!

It is free entrance in Lavo lounge but they charge so expensive w/ the liquor/cocktail.

We girls took pic. at this middle floor in the lounge and ready to go home.

Cathy was so worried of getting a cold the whole trip, she almost wore or carried the most warm clothes w/ her all the time.

Irene has a very sensitive skin, this one was taken when blushing on her face finally faded away.

We had someone took pic. for us before we head back to our hotel. We cannot stop laughing when looking at this pic. Somehow we all think Cathy looks like an warrior, who came from the past.

My DH commented that she would look perfect w/ a killer black and wide-brimmed hat, better yet, a sword!!!!! haha....

Palazzo Hotel is very close to Venetian Hotel where we stayed. We took off our heels when walked ourselves back to the hotel. We enjoyed the quieter casino and shops, talked about what were the plans tomorrow and it is hard to believe it was our last day at Las Vegas!!!

Let's just call it "ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL DAY IN VEGAS"!!!!!


Betsy said…
Rachel - I feel like I'm your stalker here cuz I keep coming back to check out your latest Vegas recap! You girls are super fun and it's almost unbelievable that you're all moms. Maybe that's why you guys know how to have fun -- it's because you cherish this rare occasion and just want to make the best out of it. :-)

You all look so fabulous!!
litlstrawberry said…
haha....Betsy: you don't have to be a stalker, you can join us!!! Tomorrow if I have time, I will finish up our last day post in Vegas. Well, we girls will take kids to Los Gatos park and my son will have his tennis class around 5 PM so I don't think I can do it until later in the evening. I just spoke w/ Isabel and she is going back to Taiwan next THur. We talked about we got the same blazer from Elisabeth & James coincidentally.

haha...yes, we are bunch of denying-we-are-mom gals!!!!!! hehe...... oh, How are your son and daughter doing? Are you taking them somewhere during this spring break??
milkshake214 said…
Rachel, what a detailed recap of your day 1 and 2! As I read about your trip, it's as if I'm experiencing everything through you girls! Seems like you guys made great use of you time there and had a blast. Everyone looks great in casual wear and clubbing attire. :) Especially loving the blazers you and Irene had on. From the pictures you two do look like sisters :) Looking forward to your day 3~
litlstrawberry said…
Hello, Nancy: How have you been?? Did you take kids to Disneyland this spring break??

Thanks so much for taking time reading it. hah...I hope you did feel the same excitement as we were in Vegas just by reading through.. hee......

Our day 3 is very relaxed and it won't be this dramatic w/ our looks from DAY TO NIGHT> haha....
zhu said…

now i am running out of my time in the morning...but it is so worth well to spend it on reading your girls-only-trip to Vegas!

you would not believe that Vegas is one of my favorite places on earth - it was the visit to Vegas that made me decide to come to USA to study!

well documented. great job.

only thing would bug me is less visitors/people there the time of the recession. because i love people watch - there sure are a lot of interesting people in Vegas.

dont laugh at me - once when i was in a club in Vegas ( i remember it was Studio54...), a handsome guy (turned out to be a musician who worked with COCO Lee) came over and told me that i looked like Coco Lee. lol. but i was so soooo shy back then, i did not carry on the conversation. my friend (a white girl) said she would go to his room that night if she was me...

have a great weekend
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia: It is nice to hear from you other than at TPF. Yes, we girls def. loved the Vegas trip...WE all wish we had more time to eat, to shop and to see some shows.

Wow...Can't believe Vegas has such impact on your decision-making. hehe..
Yes, if back then, not married, anything wild would be a great memory. haha....... haha..... When we were clubbing, there were couple guys approached us but you know, when you are married, things are different. We dare to carry on any conversation, at least I wouldn't. I would think if I ever flirt back, I would be cheating on that guy. (I am mom w/ 3 kids.haha..haha........

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