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Chronicle of Las Vegas Trip w/ Girl Friends!!

Day 1: 4/11/09 (to be continued)

Four of us girls dropped off by our beloved DHs and kids at San Jose airport around 12:30 PM, there we began our eagerly and self-awarded journey to Las Vegas.

In fact, there was one moment when I waved bye to my 3 children and husband, I felt melancholy leaving them all alone w/o taking them w/ me. But not long after I saw my 3 mommy friends, the sorrowful mood was all gone. I know we are going to rock ourselves in Las Vegas!!!!

It is so funny that four of us don't look like we are going at the same trip to Vegas!!!! lol We laughed at each other and commented on how did each of us look so differently!!! I have the most intact make-ups on but feel that I might pick up the wrong hat lol. Pei didn't have any make-ups since she hardly felt asleep the night before, Irene had only foundation on when she is already the most pale one among us four. Cathy also did full make-ups like me except for her purple-pink lip gloss makes her look like she is in pain or

I am not so sure about the HAT w/ the look. Maybe I am just being self-conscious!!

Of course we are all confident w/ our nature beauty so none of us really cared how we looked at that moment. To us,
family is our proud other than a job or a pretty look.

But wait and see after we had what we call "
Magical transformation" for clubbing at night in Vegas.

We are waiting for the plane!!

............ 1 Hr 20 Min. later !!! Here we are at 3:10 PM in Vegas!! ............

Me and Cathy at Venetian hotel's lobby!

OMG, you can't imagine how excited we are!!

We 4 girls stayed in a suite w/ double queen beds.

We girls unpack our luggage, get dressed and put make-ups on!!!!!

I am bored while waiting for my gals, so I did self-timing shooting for my ODJ.

We had to run some errands before we are ready for tonight's big crash!!! It is hilarious that Cathy brought almost everything w/ her including her dryer, flat ironing and even curl ironing but her tooth brush. She is so worried that she is unable to brush her teeth at first night in Vegas. hah......I guess it has been a while since the last time she had a real vacation!!!!!! :P Irene has to return something in Zara while Pei has to check out couple things in JCrew. See!! It is so convenient traveling within USA!! Me? Nothing specifically, I always pick up something while shopping w/ my girls. lol Therefore, we went to
Fashion Show Mall for our first stop in Vegas!!!

Irene carries her Chanel jersey flap this trip while I carry my matte white reissue 227 w/ me.

We are flat twins...TOD'S!!

The weather is so nice in Vegas. We all think there are less people visiting Vegas compared to before. Economic recession????!!

First night, we booked our dinner at Picasso French restaurant at Bellagio Hotel whose chef received AAA Five Diamond Award. We girls took a cab from Venetian Hotel to Bellagio Hotel since it is only $10 w/ tips total.

This is my dinner and clubbing outfit.

1. TOP: 3.1 Phillip lim sequins halter style top
2. Bottom: Orange Boss white mini jean skirt
3. Shoes: Jimmy Choo water snakeskin boots
4. Chanel mini caviar flap w/ silver HW
5. Chanel 09 pink camellia earrings w/ pearl drop

I love Cathy's sexy leggings and Manolo heels.

Everyone is looking fabulous!!!

The dinner is reserved for us about 7:30 PM but when we arrived in restaurant it is already 8:30 PM. They didn't cancel our reservation as most people would prefer to dine at buffet restaurant when visiting Vegas. I also assume there is no other people waiting for a table at that time. We can pick from Chef's special 4 courses meal or prefix 3 courses meal.

The setting inside the restaurant is very nice. The waiters are so friendly and professional. There are so many fresh, beautiful flowers surrounding the whole restaurant and I think that's one of the attraction in Bellagio Hotel.

Wish there are beautiful flowers in my house everyday too.

We girls were starving so we asked the waiter to bring some bread over first. They have french baguette, raisin walnut (sweet), onion bacon, and another kind of walnut bread which is salty flavor. We are actually half way full after 2nd courses and too much tasty breads, but we know we can't skip our delicious entree'.

This is my main course, lamp chop!! Yum!!

First dinner was wonderful and memorable!!

We took pic. w/ the Chef after dinner and each of us got a treat-homemade cookies from the restaurant!!!

The chef is so passionate!!

Irene is so sexy w/ shorts and L.A.M.B. heels while Pei looks so adorable w/ yellow dress and green beads necklace.

They even let me grab a stem of hydrangea home.

Before we head to
Tao club in our Venetian Hotel, we stopped by Chanel boutique. I got something small for myself. It, in fact, is a pair of hosiery!! My girls want me to return it since hosiery are easily to be snagged but I just can't resist the Chanel logo CC at one side of the stocking!!!!!! lol

A treat from Picasso restaurant and a glamorous souvenir from Chanel.

We went to Tao around 12 AM!! We are in guest list since we are also hotel guests. I would say we are quite "mature" in age compared to the majority guests in Tao. But no one would ask your age in a night club, right?!!! :P We girls danced and drank till 4 AM. I think I danced quite obvious w/ my sequins top and "restless"-- non-stop, as someone gave me 6 complimentary drink passes!!!!!!!!!!! lol That was only the first night in Vegas!!


Wai Thit said…
R!! OMG .. i re read the post like 10 times and my jaw just dropped!! its only the first night? wow!!! okay.. i am gonan wait for more and more and more... everyone looks spectacular.. i really really like your sequins top, Irene's dress, Cathy's heels (Oh la la.. wait is she pregnant?) and Pei's necklace!!! this is even more fun then my vegas trip with my girl.. all we did was eat, sun tan, shop, club and sleep.. i guess the older you get the better to party! hehe..
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Cutie pie.

First, Cathy is not pregnant.:) It is Ann and that's why she can't go w/ us. Well...I always tell Cathy that she needs to "exercise" her belly off. haha........

Yeh, I love the gray sequins top but the sequins fall a I might want to exchange it w/ a new one. The quality shouldn't be that bad (I know it is high maintenance w/ sequins.) but still...... I want a new one if I can find it.

Oh, we did the same thing, eat, shop, club, and sleep except we don't have time to eat (one meal a day) and no time to sleep (5 hr. a day) and good thing is we saved a day for SPA. haha.....
Betsy said…
Looks like you gals had a blast and this is only the first day recap!! You four definitely remind me of Sex and the City friends and looking fabulous on a night out. Those water snake skin boots are HOT, HOT, HOT! I wonder if you ladies got men whistling at you while you strut down the hotel lobby. ;)

Anyway, can't wait to read more!

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