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23 April, 2009

Same pants, Same Sunglasses, and Identical looks!!!

Is it just a coincidence that friends will end up buying the same thing when go shopping together or is it a truth that friends who have similar taste will get along better too?

I would say either and both. These days, I went shopping w/ my friend, Irene, a lot. Since our Vegas trip, everything we love is almost the same design, look, color....etc. and people even start asking us "are we sisters?" Of course, it is an honor to both of us since we are great friends, and I like some good qualities found in Irene too.

This Chloe sunglasses is the first same thing we bought
together. After that, we bought same couple more things and we two start wondering that maybe we should just share w/ each other and buy more other things we both love. lol However, we also have distinctive tastes from each other and we always wear the same thing w/ different style .


Please let me know if you are bored w/ my Zara striped blazer already!! :P Even thought I am doing my best to recycle my every clothes but I know enough is enough!!!! hehe......

1. TOP:
  • Laura Moshi zebra tank
  • Zara blazer
  • Elizabethan & James long tuxedo vest
2. Bottom: Ksubi spray on skinny jeans
3. Balenciaga violet part-time bag
4. Chloe wide frame sunglasses
5. Shoes: Diesel gladiator heels
6. Chanel 07 resin earrings
7. Chanel 08 pink crystals, charm brooch

My original look before heading out. .....then I found out the proportion is not perfect and seems something is missing to complete the look.

Then I found my new black tuxedo vest is perfect to elongate the visual effect.

Am I the only one wearing long vest over a blazer???? haha....

Irene and I had same sunglasses on today. And we also bought the same pants again from Herve Leger.

Irene's gorgeous ivory Hermes 35cm on scene.


milkshake214 said...

Hi Rachel! I'm not tired of looking at your Zara blazer yet. It's a very versatile piece. I'd probably forgo the blazer and just wear the vest, but the weather is probably too cold for that haha. Or maybe try a knit vest instead? Anyway, your outfit looks great already! The jeans look perfect on you. It looks like it's tailored to fit you. Although you and Irene have the same sunglasses, the face and outfit make it unique to each of you. Great job!
Just want to add, your daughter is adorable as always! How I wish I had a daughter :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy:
thanks...I like that very unique blazer very much. Although it almost is hard to wear it again and again but I am really stubborn that I want to get my money worth....hah..ok, mom's habit again. Yah, yesterday, SF city is very cool and everyone wears jacket, fleece.....on the street. The reason Irene didn't wear a jacket is she has to keep her style...w/ her new Birkin. hah............

Thanks for the sweet words about my daughter...poor her that she had eczema this morning again....must because we stay at the place where they have carpet yesterday such as Nordstrome, Borders.....etc. Now i have to be extra careful not staying at those places for too long.

So, are you trying to deceive?? ehheh....couple of my friends want to have 2nd and is trying on and off. haha....

DO you have anything new you are eyeing these days? Nordi. is having a presale...go check it out.

orihime said...

R, i love the zara blazer! your clothing pieces will never get boring because each outfit you put together makes each piece look like a completely new and different article of clothing :) LOVE the outfits as usual.

is the zara blazer from this season? i am thinking about buying something similar :)


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