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28 April, 2009

Neon Mood!!

Just when the weather gets so hot and I am ready to rock my neon outfits...the weather suddenly changed. However, I am still in a mood wearing something very bright then I found this neon pink skinny jeans from Levis which I bought during the trip down to L.A. I bought total of 3 bright jeans, they are blue, coral and neon pink. They are super comfortable.

Now looking at my pic. I can't justify if the jeans are actually cropped or it is just my legs are being too long for it. hah....


1. TOP:
  • Cashmere coral/yellow tank w/ one shoulder ribbon
  • Tsesay cashmere baby pink cardigan w/ zipper
  • J Crew hot pink short sleeves cardigan
2. Bottom: Levis neon pink jeans w/ side ankle zipper
3. Shoes: Diesel gladiator heels
4. Chanel Coral Valentine's medium flap
5. Chanel 09 s/s pink camellia w/ tear drop pearl earrings

I think I am going to buy lots of similar colors outfits in the I can do as many layering as possible for fun!!!!

Now I am up to find a pair of pink heels or gold wedges. lol


Purse Addict said...

Not many people can pull off those jeans but you do it so well!!

Do you have any other colored jeans?? I think you would look great in yellow or purple :)

Betsy said...

I've gotta put on some sunglasses while checking out your ODJ! :) Seriously though, very cute outfit and I love the ribbon detail of the tank.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, purse Addict: Thanks. I am not too much of a jeans person but i know I can't miss this year's trend!!!

hum....Yellow...where did I see neon yellow jeans.....Mango?? Well, how about you??? Did you get any colored jeans???

litlstrawberry said...

haha..Betsy: you know, the first impression when Cathy saw my outfit yesterday, she was bright.....Why are you wearing this bright jeans...????? Well, ..I am just in a mood of being COLORFUL!!! haahha...

I think we are going back to Taiwan end of MAY...then come back when school starts summer session. hah...that's wired, I know. But the only way to be away from the crowd flying by air is ...before school ends. heheh.... So only 2 weeks for us and I am planning to go to Japan (HoKaido)too!!!


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