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Chanel Two Layered & Two Toned Stockings.

I bought this pair of Chanel hosiery in Vegas. They come in two different shades. One is black and black w/ upper thigh slightly opaque compared to the part at the calf. Another design is black w/ slightly pink tone at calf which is the one I bought.

They are about $225 or $250 and is the most expensive "hosiery" I ever spent on. My girl friends all worried that I am not going to get a lot wear out of them. They think eventually I will snag a hole of this Chanel hosiery. I told them, even one day I did snag them, I will poke more holes or tears to make them look like a pair of distressed stockings on me. haha....... However, surprisingly, when I put this Chanel hosiery on w/ my nails clinching couple times, the hosiery seems strong enough to resist the dragging from my nail.

There are actually 2 layers of this stockings and that's why it is so durable compared to most fancy hosiery. Chanel made inseam at the back from the part of the butt all the way down to the toes which also results in a clean look around the toes. Therefore, you basically can wear this pair of stockings w/ all kinds of heels and not to worry about a thread showing.

All in all, I think the money I spent is totally worth it. Besides, I can't be happier w/ a cute CC logo showing off at left side of my ankle.

The calf part is pink or nude.

I feel it is not trouble at to align the lines in the back, they are automatically align by themselves. I just have to adjust them a little.

Perfectly to go w/ my Chanel camellia sling back heels.

It's like wearing leggings w/ toes.


Purse Addict said…
Those tights are AWESOME!!!
cherie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
cherie said…
i rather envy you. those are great stockings!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, PurseAddict & cherie. You know, they are not just awesome, they are eye-catching too. :) Hope the weather gets cooler so I can show them off more.hehe.....
orihime said…
Hi R! long time no visit, how are you?? :) I ADORE those chanel stockings.. they are amazing! i really love the dress you are wearing too.. where did you buy it? :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, orihime: We are all fine, how about you?

The dress is actually two separate pieces. The black and white high-waisted skirt is from LaRok which I bought from two weeks ago. I just wear my black top and tuck underneath the skirt. I think Nord. also carries LaRok and you can check it out w/ them.

Thanks for your sweet words. :)
Wai Thit said…
R!! u really like the stocking on you~ esepcially with the sling backs!! haha knowing you i am sure u are gonna make it work and worth!! Congrat!!
Betsy said…
Gorgeous stockings! And you have the perfect legs to go with them.

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