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06 April, 2009

I burned the fuse of our dryer!!!!!

I did too many laundries in one day that the dryer still tumbles but w/o the heat. I checked the manual and the troubleshooting says that the fuse might be burned. lol

I still want to do couple more laundries before I go to Vegas w/ my gals on Sat. and over the weekend. I guess I have to call LG for a repair/home service tomorrow.

Finally I took my youngest daughter to see an allergist this morning. They did thoroughly allergy tests on her and it turns out she is allergic to dust mites, or shrimp but not MILK!! Yes, now you probably guess right that why do I do our laundries so many times today. I had throw most of the plush animals away and freeze couple in the freezer for 24 hr. that they are my little daughter's favorite. I even steamed the curtains in girls room just to make sure it has as little dust as possible.

So, bad luck never comes alone...........Well, look at the bright side, hopefully my little daughter's eczema won't be a permanent since we are treating her right now. I need to buy her new pillow as she can't sleep on feather/down ones. We wish to reduce the severity and frequency of flare-ups in the future. I hope she can outgrow the allergy soon.

Here is a great reading resource about allergic to the environment!!
Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

This is my ODJ w/ my new jeans and heels.

1. TOP:
  • Emporio Armani navy stripped tee
  • DKNY blue shrug cardi.
2. Bottom: Diesel low waist white jeans
3. Shoes: Diesel gladiator heels
4. Chanel white distressed reissue 227 09 cruise collection
5. Accessory:
  • Vintage Coro white star fish clip-on earrings
  • Chole brown square w/ gold trim sunglasses
Close up of this great deal and comfy. pair of gladiator heels.

1. From TOP.

2. From SIDE. Love the small wedge!!

3. A little Angle.

I feel my Chole sunglasses goes better than my Tom Ford for this look.

It is fun to warp the shrug as scarf and as my tulle top. haha...

Unwrapped cardi.!!


milkshake214 said...

Congrats on the new shoes & jeans! They look great on you. Did you get them from the diesel store on 3rd street promenade? This outfit looks perfectly matched with the white reissue.
I'm glad to hear that you finally know what's causing your daughter's allergies. My younger son(5 months) also has eczema but his pediatrician doesn't think it's anything serious. He has red patches on his face and wrists but the dr told me to just put vaseline on it and cortisone if it gets too itchy for him. I was under the impression that it isn't caused by anything. But I do hope your daughter will get better with the changes you are making!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy:

Thanks. You know what, that white Diesel jeans is by far the only white jeans I have. I am trying to match my bag w/ my outfit as it really is a smart way to match every color on you even w/ the bags and shoes. (tips from an stylist) I mean not only you match your shoes w/ bags (which is very classic way of pairing) but w/ your whole outfits. But the key is to match that color in the same color spectrum and that will really show how genius you are w/ colors. lol

yes, normally they outgrow those allergy by age of 2 but I can't risk my girl's skin as that's the most important "impression" w/ girls. haha.....

Couple of my friends have problems w/ blush and redness, itchy and even red patches on face or body and I even think that's the recklessness of treating those eczema earlier. (well, of course back time that our moms doesn't think those are really serious problem.) I know one of my girl friends has the patches because of weak immune system. I highly suspect it was resulting from long term suffering from the allergy in childhood.


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