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30 April, 2009

Randomly Get away!

What's the best advantage of being a stay-home-mom?
Time is all yours if you manage it well. On the contrary, time is all wasted if you didn't manage it well.

What's the pro of having friends who doesn't shop for fashion?
So you don't end of spending money and thinking of doing price adjustment everyday!!! lol
NO. I was just kidding.

All kids need our attention, education and dedication, and beyond fashion, we have to remind ourselves constantly what's our greatest duty to be a good mom.

These two days, my little daughter
is so happy that she has all my attention. Yesterday my friends and I enjoyed a nice coffee break together w/ kids.

OMG, I think I need to stop doing all these facial wrinkles!!!! Oh, Cathy, what are you doing w/ taking all those pic. of me talking!!!!??? lol

The Herve Lerger high waist pants is so body flatter.

my girl friend and I took ferry at Ferry Building in SF city for a little get away! The weather in SF city is sunny and warm and I had to shed off my leather jacket even on the ferry.

We need to validate the parking tickets w/ a proven purchases. So my friend and I enjoyed a cup of coffee made from Blue Bottle in ferry building before we took off. I personally think their coffee tastes even purer/stronger than Peet's coffee!!

There are so many cute shops in ferry building from restaurants, little farmer's market where you can get some fresh fruits, coffee shops, bread stand, cheese shop where you can also enjoy some wine when having cheese. ..etc. Here I just to name a few.

Ferry building is like a small global village where you see so many people who comes from different works of life, and countries. They come here for dinning n' snacking for a little break from their work or life.

haha...I like cold weather so I can do layering which I do best.

Kids are waiting for sandwiches which we will enjoy
on the ferry.

We took the ferry across the sea to the city called Luxspur!! We didn't have much time to explore the city and all we did is walk n' walk n' that's just say we all had a great exercise today!! haa....

My Chanel Rodeo Drive Large Tote in Perforated black.

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