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Dress to Impress!

Needless to say, this Karla Spetic Rose print one piece sheer dress certainly made my day brighter.

The best view and weather in San Francisco. 

Happy end of summer! xoxo Rachel 

Healthy Skin, the first impression of how you show off your beauty statement.

Halloween is approaching fast which means our season is changing and it also means time to feed your skin and keep up its moisture. Drinking lots of water keeps the skin hydrated and most important thing is that water is a natural detoxing agent, it helps you cleanse and purify your body while you sweat it out. Besides water, make sure you apply (and reapply) your sunblocks all year round especially in the winter. Sleep well, eat whole and raw food such as cucumber, blueberry, parsley, kale, banana....etc. are definitely a year round feed-your-body-well ritual for all of us. Last month, I received Tatcha's new product: Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen. I am telling you, the moment I received their heart-warming box, not only it reminds me to continue pampering my skin but also demonstrate how serious Tatcha treats their product and their customers. I patiently give it a try for a month and finally I can share this NOT-a-SECRET and wonderful beauty product with you. 

 How refreshing…

Anything works : 70s, 80s, even 90s looks as long as you pull it off with your confidence.

Friend and I were talking about how the fashion trends are so mixed these days. It pretty much blends in all the looks in different eras and it doesn't seem we have a boundary at all. Oh yeah, no boundary!! Personally, I don't think I have figured out all the different styles in different eras unless it is around my mom's generation or before mine and current.  Occasionally, I recognize those trends from movies and sometimes I'd play dress-up with my girl friends in our outing. It is a way of living and a way of enjoy our life. Over the years I realized two things that the first one is my mom has exquisite taste in styles and that's how I got a sense of fashion.  And the second is since she is a really picky eater that made me a total opposite of her: a non-picky eater and a not bad cook. Well, unless I confined myself NOT to touch certain food out of health concern I pretty much eat everything that is edible. ha~  

We, are all one of our kind, and we are uniquely e…

A paradise trip in Bali, Indonesia.

I have been neglected my blog for a while but definitely not neglect fashion trends nor heathy life style. As a matter of fact, if you browse my side bar on FB, you will see lots of updates and even my IG is full of updates too. Well, I know, that is not an excuse for not updating my blog here. 
I have traveled back to my hometown Taipei 3 times this year and I am surprised that I still enjoy flying so much after quitting a flight attendant 10 years ago.  I also went to Bali and stayed at Mulia, this world class resort, with my family and relatives. I had the best time, best water-rafting experience and took the best yoga pictures there.  So here it is slowly catching up as my hectic life with travel, house remodeling, shopping, yoga advance.....etc. I hope you continue be inspired and enjoy our life journey together. 
Full Wheel with one leg. 
 King Dancer's pose in my full expression 
With my Lavish Alice dress strutting down the street in Bali 
I am not quite a sun-bathing enthusias…

Playful and subtle outfit is always chic and in trend.

I have always loved camo. prints. I had an inspiration from my acting friend who is in her 50s and she wears the most fierce camo. print cargo pants ever. And ever since I am in love with the prints and deeply believe that camouflage print is suitable for every age. However, don't wear it head to toe, otherwise you will certainly look like a soldier in real life.    And that is NOT fashion and it is NOT fun at all. 
So what's the key to pull off a camouflage print piece?? Try a little feminine and a little tailored like my pencil skirt. The blush sleeveless trench also adds a softer touch to the whole look. What do you think? 
J crew camisole, came. print pencil skirt, Sophie Webster sandals, Sara Battaglia clutch, Lavish Alice sleeveless trench 
Don't you adore the angular bow look which tough up the otherwise too feminine clutch? The camouflage skirt is feminine enough with the hard cased bow clutch, I think the balance played in this look is fun yet stylish without trying t…

Mesmerizing tidies things after my Asia trip. Resting, recharge until I am ready for my next one in October.

I have been away from USA for more than 2 weeks.  After Taipei and Bali, I am finally HOME, San Francisco. 
 New acquisitions during my Asia trip: Fendi monster slip-ons and monster pouch. 
 My fancy oolong tea with tasteless gold flakes. 

Chicken soup before I passed out for 10 Hours in plane while flying back to San Francisco.  The new Boeing-777 is uber comfortable and smartly configured with useful compartments. 

Paper Towns Mandarine translated version ( NOT so found of the translation and that tells me I should read its original version for any movie novels in the future.) 

Denim Overall Look is Classic and Sexy!

Overall is easy to wear except troublesome enough when you have to go to the restroom that you might think twice before you wear it. Even though, I still like the posh look when wearing my tailored one. I wore my jean overall a lazy way that I left several buttons undone and had a white tank top on top. It is a pull-up pants with shoulder straps and there you can imagine how much trouble i saved myself. Ha ha~ 

I am traveling to Taipei and then Bali next month and including this time, I have been back to my hometown Taipei 3 times. And it becomes my habit that everytime I travel I will pack something new with me. It doesn't have to be high fashion or expensive piece but something that activates my adventurous mode. As for what did I buy this time??? You know, tropical countries are hot and it is time to reinvent some of my bathing suits. Agree?

Reclaimed vintage earrings. 
Diesel denim overall, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Hermes So Kelly bag, White polyester tank top, Versace neon ye…

Culottes, how easy!

Culottes, I never think it is man-repellent nor categorize into a tom-boy look. It really depends on how you accessorize your look. Heels will always make any outfit instantly feminine and sexy. Don't you think so? As for the tops' options, you can always choose between more skin revealing or less, as long as you don't bundle yourself up in this look, you will be fine. There is a fine line between looking attractive and looking too avant-garde like a star-war character. ha~  
It is a coincident that I did two consecutive posts on Culottes. Believe me, I wear way more than just these two outfits between my last post. 

Ralph Lauren cami top, Culottes, YSL tribute plush sandals, Chanel Clair classic flap, Marni necklace 
Some fun rings. 

Have a great weekend, y'all!!  xoxo Rachel 

Cropped, Stripped and Printed casual outfit.

Everytime I see this rooster cropped top with a lapel in my wardrobe, I gasped the unique rooster prints, the baby blue and the sheen. Happily recycled it from my wardrobe and I doubt I will ever get tired of wearing it. As for the stripped bottom, I bought it when I traveled to Tokyo last month. I haven't had chance to strut myself in a pair of gaucho or culottes and this is a perfect one for our weather in San Francisco. Shorts might sometimes be too cold for the feet in gusty wind in the city and long pants might be too dressy for a casual weekend. Such a versatile pair of pants, Culottes, why didn't I try you out sooner??? 

 A.W.A.K.E cropped rooster print top, adam et Rope Culottes, Sandro polyester heels, Alaia cut-out tote, Dior sunglasses 
Have fun and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! xoxo Rachel 

Denim over Denim

Feels like summer, I know,  it is hard to believe NoCal. weather can be this friendly in April. After a trip down to Palm Spring, SoCal., I really miss the cooler breeze in NoCal. The breeze might be cruel to my legs but I certainly love it embracing my bare arms. I love  high-waisted jeans and this number from RedValentino never fails me. 
I was standing outside Sushirrito in Palo Alto and it was closed on Sundays. While I took pic. for my ODJ, there are several customers came in disappointment not knowing their business hours. I promised to myself that I have to try this restaurant in the next couple of days. Then there is the yummy pic. of Shrimp tempura and yellow tuna shusi-burrito. Give it a try if you are around! 
Marni bustier, RedValentino, Hermes horn necklace, earrings, Bottega Veneta bag, Fendi Kooky monster. 

My Style Icon in Fashion World : Taylor Tomasi-Hill!

First, I have to chit chat since it has been forever that I update my blogs!! Sorry, my global friends that I miss you very much too. (Does anyone even notice... that I am gone missing in action... :P ) 
Oh well, life is so dynamic that I have to make sure I am not behind in fashion, in yoga world, in acting, ...... in shopping.. lol..  You now what, I can do forearm press kickover now. I practice Yoga religiously and finally it all paid off... progress, y'all. Impressive??? Me too. I never know that I have that kind of strength and ability until my yoga teacher pointed out and had me trying it. Hooray~ At least I am having a progress in every little aspect in my life.
I probably will slowly update my blogs from what I had posted on my Instagram. So bare with me if you have seem them on Insta. but I assure you I will have something new too. 
Now back to business. Fashion idol, I don't think I ever mentioned about it. Since when I was little, I developed very slowly in turn of fin…