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Denim Overall Look is Classic and Sexy!

Overall is easy to wear except troublesome enough when you have to go to the restroom that you might think twice before you wear it. Even though, I still like the posh look when wearing my tailored one. I wore my jean overall a lazy way that I left several buttons undone and had a white tank top on top. It is a pull-up pants with shoulder straps and there you can imagine how much trouble i saved myself. Ha ha~ 

I am traveling to Taipei and then Bali next month and including this time, I have been back to my hometown Taipei 3 times. And it becomes my habit that everytime I travel I will pack something new with me. It doesn't have to be high fashion or expensive piece but something that activates my adventurous mode. As for what did I buy this time??? You know, tropical countries are hot and it is time to reinvent some of my bathing suits. Agree?

Reclaimed vintage earrings. 
Diesel denim overall, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Hermes So Kelly bag, White polyester tank top, Versace neon ye…

Culottes, how easy!

Culottes, I never think it is man-repellent nor categorize into a tom-boy look. It really depends on how you accessorize your look. Heels will always make any outfit instantly feminine and sexy. Don't you think so? As for the tops' options, you can always choose between more skin revealing or less, as long as you don't bundle yourself up in this look, you will be fine. There is a fine line between looking attractive and looking too avant-garde like a star-war character. ha~  
It is a coincident that I did two consecutive posts on Culottes. Believe me, I wear way more than just these two outfits between my last post. 

Ralph Lauren cami top, Culottes, YSL tribute plush sandals, Chanel Clair classic flap, Marni necklace 
Some fun rings. 

Have a great weekend, y'all!!  xoxo Rachel