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Yesterday, I had the most easy-paced girls' night out at Columbus st. in the SF city. We just drove up to the city to have a drink and to feel the vibes. Oh, boy, Cathy, you know the gas is $90 alone when I filled it up for my car @@;  {But I know the gathering with gals just to chit chat is priceless!!!}

With tartan cape jacket
{I thought it might be windy and overcast in the city yesterday but surprisingly, it was not!!}

With Limedrop cloud cardigan

1. Top: 
Vince sequins 11'
Limedrop cloud cardigan 

2. Bottom:
Rock and Republic low rise flare jeans 11'

3. Accessory:
Baby blue/silver hoop with beads earrings
Owl ring
Proenza Schouler PS1 yellow clutch
Vintage inspired crazy dog necklace {$38...what a steal for Marni look-alike!}

4. Shoes: Miu Miu contrast stitch blue calfskin wedge 11'

{Perhaps a necklace could jazz up the glamor look more.}

{There you go}..... I found this necklace at "Bettina" boutique and it perfectly complete my whole evening look. The owner even took t…

Go Vintage, Go Green, Restore Ecology!!

Don't have to be so serious, I know an on-going project of reintroducing 31 gray wolves into Yellowstone National Park since 1995 is a remarkable success!  We are all part of the ecosystem and the least we can help to balance it is to respect the nature, be close to the nature and reserve it!!
I always like the idea of "Going Green", although I am not a keen follower but I do what I possibly best can.  For example, buy organic produce, buy reclaimed accessories, and wear organic clothes....etc. 
Left above, Linda Loudermilk poncho
Right above, Sheer top in 70s' look
Right below, Chanel maxi dress 2011

How pretty is the cape!!

(pic. resource, Nylon)

Make up tips: You don't need highlight inner corner of eyes to widen them. You can simply achieve a better result by applying a strip of gold eye-liner under your lower eye. 
(Laura Mecier gold eyeliner)

1. Top: Neil Barrett sheer voluminous top 
2. Bottom:  Organic Suzukita Kayuki silk harem pants
3. Accessory: Urban outfitt…

Still Challenging.... Sheer Trend!!

I know most of you probably won't appreciate this sheer trendy look, but personally, I love it.  For me, it is an avenue of being sexy without exposing too much of flesh....sheer sexy rocks!! }=^.^={
I had a really fun day shopping with Cathy as well as discovered an effective way of cooking for my family. Let's get started with my outfit du Jour...Sheer look!

1. Top:   gray bustier  bobkova. sheer asymmetrical tank  Vince asymmetrical leather jacket
2. Bottom: Vintage BCBG crochet wrap (altered as tube skirt/dress) KristenseN Du Nord sheer legging (w/ beaded embroidery)
3. Accessory: Turquoise bangle Urban outfitter gold cuff with stone/turquoise embellishment Proenza Schouler PS1 yellow clutch Barton Perreira cat eye sunglasses Gold necklace 
4. Shoes: Miu Miu studded pump 2010

While we were at Diesel, Cathy fell in love with the neon Orange pump (down left) and found a good deal for $85 around on instead.

One of the male SAs in Diesel loved my Miu Miu studded pumps so much tha…

Hot Pink + Orange, Yes, On me!!

Today is a typical crazy Tue. for me. { inevitable duties whole afternoon, being a chauffeur, a cook, and also provide a shelter for friends to stop by} ....haha... Some of my friends live quite far from where we live so if they are around our neighborhood, they'd come over to my house on the day that there is nothing to shop for!! {Also extra Chit-chat and tea time for us. ^^}
Those pictures are taken outside the house of my son's English tutor's. Yeah, Nile is such a great photographer and since there is still time before I dropping him off for next Chinese class, I thought I could make good use of it.

My Outfit Du Jour
Vince neon orange slouchy top, high-waist fuchsia skirt
Both Elfi Altendorfer Yellow spacer safety pin necklace, Swarovski clutter necklace Turquoise bangle Chanel 11' Rouge Fonce reissue 226 Stella Luna zebra print with bow flat (zebra print ankle accessory bought from Nordi.)

Have fun with your brightest outfit and mix them up with some sexy patterns.....…

Current Fave. eco-friendly Designer: Suzuki Takayuki

After Linda Loudermilk, I have found myself another amazing eco-conscious designer : Suzuki Takayuki-from costume designer to eco-fashion designer, his collection is always so airy and intricate in details.
I am not a fashion expert but when I buy fancy {or pricey, if you must add!} I'd always like to know more about the designers and to truly appreciate a good work out of their amazing hands! Suzuki Takayuki 11 s/s collection

What really catches my eyes from his collection is his mastermind of building multi-layered and tiered pieces in such skillful cuts!!  (I love the pants to the far right!)

Silk harem pants

MY Outfit du Jour
1. Top:  Tsumori Chisato pink puffy sleeves blouse w/ ruffles no brand baby blue linen blazer 
2. Bottom: Suzuki Takayuki silk w/ cotton lining harem pants and ankle buckles (s/s 11') 
3. Accessory: Karen Walker Daddy tortoise square sunglasses J Crew silk, sequence satin belt
4. Shoes: Stella Luna leopard print w/ bow flats (past season)

There, hubby and kids a…

Current Trend: Mixed Media ! !

These past couple days, my mood is like riding on a roller coaster, up and down. I guess I really needed my acting class where I can let out all my emotions. {ex. shouting to my acting partner or give on-set camera an absentminded smile......} However, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I gotta find a spot for kids to do egg hunt!! ^O^ 

The yellowish vintage fabric is really intricate for its colors, prints and pleats, especially with all different textile mixed in one, such as sash, cotton and velvet. They are so nostalgically well put-together. 

1. American Apparel green haltered dress
2. Vintage fabricmixed media Floral prints pleated dress with sash straps and neon orange velvet trim
3. Accessory: Turquoise bangle, 18K necklace, earrings (bought in Kauai) Elfi Altendorferdesigner jewelry Swarovski necklace Chanel 11' Rouge Fonce Reissue 226 
4. Shoes: Missoni espadrille lace up sandals

I bought this Vintage fabricated dress last year and I love it even more now, part of the reasons is …

Simple Life!

We are back from Hawaii vacation.... it's great to be back home.  While my vacation instantly finished but my little ones as it is still their spring break except me/mom. My hands-full day,..... No complaints here! ^^

Ilona did all that make-up herself while I am busy buying consealer to cover up my pimples on the face....{which is my biggest and complimentary souvenirs from Hawaii trip. grrr,....}

More or less we all got a little tanned! 

Having fun wearing two earrings in one side! { to do so just to keep the earrings holes from growing intact. :P}

Outfit du Jour ON me:
Rock and Republic flared jeans,  Karen Walker tortoise daddy sunglasses,  DKNY scarf cardigan,  Chanel black caviar mini flap, Reclaimed mink earrings w/ silver chain and sapphire charm BCBG generation pink/peach wedge (just too comfortable not to wear it)
Have a nice weekend!
xoxo Rachel