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21 April, 2011

Day 5 (Last Day) in Kauai, Helicopter ride!!

Today is the last day we stay at Kauai, and I think we at least get a taste of what's on this beautiful island!! Next year, we are visiting Big Island and Honolulu(haven't visited there for nearly 10 years) for sure!! =^*^=

We leave the last day to ride the Helicopter to overlook the whole island once again which is like a summary to end our trip! Our helicopter won't fly until afternoon, which means we got time to explore more of this island.

Kee Beach

You know you almost can exercise anywhere in various ways!! 
Don't be lazy, get your muscle toned and cardio. going!! ^^

 Gucci VS. Chris Benz s/s 2011

Refresh your look with little help from trendy accessory ----- Tassel belt!!

Left: Tsumori Chisato paw striped tee
RIght: No brand rainbow cropped tank, Beige/gold tassel belt taken from HM jumpsuit
Both pair with Mandarin and General washed silk pants, BCBG Generation wedge.

We had brunch at Java Kai where they serve delicious Panini sandwich, and all kinds of blended coffee.

I wore long BCBG pocket tee with lace trim and swimming suit underneath most of the time in convenience is that! ^O^

Here is our catch of the day!  {whisper voice- it is not edible.}
PS. The silly look of belt pouch is actually life vest hidden inside.




This is a very dangerous I am not supposed to rise my arm up high (As you see the guide, she almost freaked out by looking at me there.)
{Voice in my mind: I am glad my fingers are not getting chopped off.... grrr...... }

We are going home tomorrow.....yeah~~
Hope you get a taste of what's it like in Kauai. 
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love the views form the helicopter!! And also really like what you're wearing in this "exercise" picture and the photo itself :)

Betsy said...

welcome back! can't believe how quickly the week went by! i'm really kicking myself for not purchasing a pair of those pink/blush chanel flip flops last year because after seeing you wear 'em so often, i'm convinced you've really gotten your money's worth. plus, the blush color really blends in with all sorts of casual, summer outfits.

btw, i really like your painting purchase. where are you gonna put it?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy,
Yes, the vacation is gone before you know it. :( But I must say Hawaii is a really good spot for relaxing as nothing else to do but relax...
oh, the pink plush flip know what, couple bubs fall off and I think I might get a new pair since they are so convienet and pratical for men just for me to walk around and looking stylish aout t the same time. You can get black/white as they are easy to mix and match as well.
Oh, and thanks again for your travel book, without the book, we probably end of not going anywhere at all. ha...... I owe you big time, Betsy!
Gotta treat you then.


litlstrawberry said...

Thx, Julia. work-out (take good care of myself) occupy a big portion in my everyday life as well as taking care of my family. They are equally important for me.

I know you take great care of yourself in every sense.


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