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26 April, 2011

Hot Pink + Orange, Yes, On me!!

Today is a typical crazy Tue. for me. { inevitable duties whole afternoon, being a chauffeur, a cook, and also provide a shelter for friends to stop by} ....haha... Some of my friends live quite far from where we live so if they are around our neighborhood, they'd come over to my house on the day that there is nothing to shop for!! {Also extra Chit-chat and tea time for us. ^^}

Those pictures are taken outside the house of my son's English tutor's. Yeah, Nile is such a great photographer and since there is still time before I dropping him off for next Chinese class, I thought I could make good use of it.





My Outfit Du Jour

Vince neon orange slouchy top, high-waist fuchsia skirt
Both Elfi Altendorfer Yellow spacer safety pin necklace, Swarovski clutter necklace
Turquoise bangle
Chanel 11' Rouge Fonce reissue 226
Stella Luna zebra print with bow flat (zebra print ankle accessory bought from Nordi.)



Have fun with your brightest outfit and mix them up with some sexy patterns..... zebra, and leopard, for instance.

xoxo Rachel


James Michael White said...

Absolutely gorgeous color-blocking Rachel. Stop by ladies. We're GIVING AWAY a Free Endearment Kristina Hobo. Retail Value: $297.

Katherine said...

I love the pink + orange and that beautiful red Chanel bag on you :) You look lovely! Adore your blog.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, James, thank you... now i'd venture to your blog. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

thank you, Katherine.
Your blog is very interesting indeed.


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