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04 April, 2011

Different Ways before/during Summer Time~~

Certainly the weather changed a lot over the past couple weeks in California!! ^O^ It is just fun to see I wear those clothes in different ways...let's get some inspiration, shall we!!?

BCBG Generation navy/gray sports bra top

BCBE generation bra top + Chanel 11' Cruise navy skirt

My dearest gal, Yu, wears her Chanel in her unique way!!
On her:
3.1 Phillip Lim top + Chanel 11' Cruise skirt + greenish tights + Bottega Veneta 10' boots

Don't forget to enter
I am waiting for my order to give it a first try!! ^O^

Have fun with your mix-n'-match look!!!
xoxo Rachel

1 comment:

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