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06 April, 2011

Not Just a Hermes Bag!!

Yes, the moment my dearest friend, Isabel, told me about their new project (her husband's project, to be honest), I am thrilled and I am happy to share this with you! 

Why should you even be interested in housing in LA? Cause' there is Hermes Kelly involved!! 

About several months ago, she called me and talked about how does she get inspired by her new Hermes Kelly FLASH bag and was going to utilize the color scheme onto the kitchen od her husband's housing project, I was as excited as her and I couldn't wait to see the result!!

The result? Amazingly chic for Yuppie and Dinks!! 

But why don't you find out yourself here!!! ^O^



"Hermes Kelly as an Inspiration"... by Isabel Lee

I was fortunate to be gifted this Kelly bag as my 10th year anniversary present by my lovely father. Unlike other Kelly bags, this one is two-toned - taupe with turquoise lining. I first knew about this bag from a magazine, and when the sales person at Hermes informed me that this bag was available, my father decided to gift me this special Kelly. The taupe/turquoise combination is not an instinctive choice for many; however, when I see this color combination, it makes me feel calm and serene.

At the same time, I was working for the real estate project with my husband. I was responsible for choosing the interior finishes for this project. As I was pondering the color scheme, the colors from my Kelly bag came to mind. What if I paint the kitchen cabinet taupe with use turquoise backsplash? I took my Kelly to my local Sherwin-Williams to have the paint custom-mixed to the same shade as my Kelly. However, after I tested on the wall, it felt too muddy. After several adjustments, I finally got the color I wanted. As for the backsplash, I decided to use light-aqua glass tiles instead of turquoise because light-aqua is easier on the eyes. I mean, Hermes used the turquoise as the lining and underside of the handle on the bag, which appropriately adds pop of color without being in your face, so I thought using light-aqua glass tiles was more in line with the understated-classy style of this Kelly bag.

So here are the pictures of the kitchen cabinets and backsplash. Although the colors are not exactly the same as my Kelly, they were inspired by it. My husband built this project from ground up (he is a real estate developer), and originally he wanted to use expresso-colored cabinets, just like every other new developments in West Los Angeles. Now, he's very happy with the result. Like many Hermes bag owners say, "it's not just a bag, it's an Hermes." Well for me, it's not just a bag, it's an inspiration.

Both Hermes two tone Kelly bag!

eTaupe + Turquoise Kelly Flash

eTaupe + dark gray two tones Kelly

Get inspired everywhere!

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xoxo Rachel 


Savvy Gal said...

oh that is a nice Kelly combo. We recently got a Birkin with white flash. : )

litlstrawberry said...

wow, Savvy Gal, your white flash sounds very interesting!! ^O^


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