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05 April, 2011

Before Spring Break!!

We are on the mode for a vacation to Kauai next week during spring break with Irene's family. Then Isabel and I were talking about signing kids to Chinese summer camp while we are all back to Taipei this summer. I, at the mean time, just promised my dance teacher that I'd be part of the team to perform at Westgate college on May 22nd for her dance studio. There won't be a problem except which might only be couple hours before I take off for Taipei!! 

There are so many plans to coordinate with kids', friends, and family....but the annoying thing is the air tickets!! I can't seem to make my mind when to leave for Taipei..... the air fare is just seem so ridiculously expensive year after year!! 

Get Ready for Easter 4/24!!

(left) Black distressed lambskin 226 reissue ; (center) Beige caviar with gold HW in medium Classic flap; (right) Rouge Fonce distressed lambskin with gold HW 226 reissue

Chanel 10A Rouge Vs. Chanel 11P Rouge Fonce

To carry different shades of red to match different color modes!!

(Chanel 10A Rouge Vs. Chanel 11P Rouge Fonce)

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Have fun with your summer colors!
xoxo Rachel 


Betsy C. said...

Hi Rachel -- I'll be sure to bring by the Kauai Revealed book and leave it in your mailbox sometime soon.

I'm so glad you brought up the summer camp blurb because I've been working very hard trying to find something for my kids as well! Problem is that many of the camp schedules in Taipei are not announced until May or June! At least that's my experience so far. We need to chat soon so perhaps we can coordinate.

litlstrawberry said...

I think we will be able to have a lunch.... next week?
I can send you the links later on FB>


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