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28 April, 2011

Go Vintage, Go Green, Restore Ecology!!

Don't have to be so serious, I know an on-going project of reintroducing 31 gray wolves into Yellowstone National Park since 1995 is a remarkable success!  We are all part of the ecosystem and the least we can help to balance it is to respect the nature, be close to the nature and reserve it!!

I always like the idea of "Going Green", although I am not a keen follower but I do what I possibly best can.  For example, buy organic produce, buy reclaimed accessories, and wear organic clothes....etc. 

Left above, Linda Loudermilk poncho
Right above, Sheer top in 70s' look
Right below, Chanel maxi dress 2011

How pretty is the cape!!

(pic. resource, Nylon)

Make up tips: You don't need highlight inner corner of eyes to widen them. You can simply achieve a better result by applying a strip of gold eye-liner under your lower eye. 
(Laura Mecier gold eyeliner)



1. Top:
Neil Barrett sheer voluminous top 

2. Bottom: 
Organic Suzukita Kayuki silk harem pants

3. Accessory:
Urban outfitter embellished bangle
Proenza Schouler PS1 clutch
Karen Walker Daddy tortoise sunglasses

4. Shoes:
Alaia lace-up golden sandal

Wear sheer, monotone is the first attempt!!

Suzukita Kayuki silk organic pants looks like leather pants...which feels thicker than normal silk. 



A fellow reader asked my opinion about couple bags and here I am trying to enable her.... ^O^
(Chanel 11' blue degraded mini flap w/ matte gold HW. Each one is unique for its color fading mechanism.) 

Tomorrow is our girls night out...... 
Hope you have a fun day too!!
xoxo Rachel

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