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Birthday Gift from My Dearest Darling!! Oh, Hermes!!

Oh, Hermes!! Oh, my love!!

I mean both my DH and Hermes!! :P

My SA insists me saying nothing about this beauty on the website. And I promised her!!

The truth is the picture is worth more than a thousand words, let me share my ultimate excitement silently!!

A little extra business for my SA goes a long way for our relationship!!

Hermes white leather on golden studded cuff can go w/ my Chanel matte white reissue 227

That's my 09 multicolored hot air balloon print Hermes scarf

The cuff can also go w/ my 35cm Gris Tourterelle Hermes Togo Birkin!!!

I almost faint when I received it!! I believe every rookie of Hermes feels the same as I do!! hahah....

I think I catch the color very true! (even it is indoor at my house at night as you can tell)

Ta da~! My newest addition to my little luxury collection!!
Again, 35cm Gris Tourterelle Hermes Togo Birkin!


White Lily said…
OMG omg omg!!! Congrats!

Lol I just woke up and it was the first thing I saw in TPF, your pics, and I was ... WAAAHHH!!!!

These are the most beautiful b-gifts I've ever seen! You deserve everything and even more!

The Gris is awesome, the cuff is elegant but with a twist, and the scarf soooo cute!

Happy Birthday!!!
Anonymous said…
That is an amazing bday gift, I have the same bag! that color goes with everything. your DH is so nice!
Anonymous said…
hey, what does it mean when you say a lil extra business goes a long way with your SA?
RRE-T*F said…
I am happy for you, Rachel.
Enjoy your wonderful and generous DH's gift in good health. Happy Birthday!
eve-eve said…
wow! OMG! u are so lucky!!! happy birthday rachel!
Betsy said…
Rachel - Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so glad I logged on today because this is a wonderful surprise for us blog fans as well. It's a true beauty and you know I _cannot_ wait to see how you add her to your fabulous wardrobe.

The CDC is a wonderful accessory to play with too and it'll definitely go well with the Chanel reissue. I'm jumping up and down with joy for you here. !^0^!

Congratulations again!!
Happy Belated Birthday! Your Birkin is beautiful and the color is just perfect, goes with everything! Congratulations!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Lily:
Thanks, girl. :)

haha..even I am in a "unbelievable" mood these past couple days. I didn't mean to splurge 10 grand on luxury item by Christmas...but no one could let that Gris T Birkin slip away!!!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, do: Thank you and wow, we are bag twins now. Except this is only the starting point for me and you are already IN H for quite a while. :)

Yes, the gris T goes w/ everything. I heart it to pieces....

Oh, the little business means the cuff since they might not get any $ by selling Birkin but accessories. (I assume) True? Myth? False?
isabel said…
Rachel - Congrats!!! So DH gave in and got you a bday gift after all.... I love Gris Tourelle, it's a tad lighter than Etoupe, but gorgeous nevertheless. I love the CDC bracelt too, I wonder if they come in Etoupe. Now, I just have to see it IRL tomorrow when I visit you.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, true:
How are you? Thanks very much and it is the first time that I don't know what to do w/ something I just bought. Normally I would carry/wear it RIGHT AWAY..but this Birkin looks so fragile to me..(or I become fragile..hah...). Anyway, I think I will carry it around in my house first. :P
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Eve: thank you!!
You know, my friend, Judy, bought a pair of white Havana flip flop last mon. and I thought of you right there. :)
litlstrawberry said…

so you are still in Germany right?
How is everything there? How is your trip so far? We gotta meet after your trip and tell me all about your fashion explore then. :)

yup, I think now I give myself a peace of mind buying that Birkin and I can go hibernating for quite awhile thinking about it. ahaha..
litlstrawberry said…
hey, peachbaby: how have you been? It is so great to see you here!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I like the Bento box and it looks so delicious. Where is that restaurant?

And, wow, your blog is really a "conversion" of engineering and fashion world.....I remember I was the most dressy gal in our computer science department (well, compare to our other graduate students :=)).
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Isabel:
yup, now you know. Pei was talking about this GRAY color w/ Yu yesterday after I told them that I am not going to tell them until I posted it. They are not sure if I got a Birkin neither which color would I pick. haha... Oh, I probably will call my SA to ask her to find another Gray for Pei then. :)

Sure...oh, btw, did you carry your Etoupe??????? Also, yup, you should get a cuff, CDC..whatever. So we will be twins walking together. hahaha...
justine loke said…
Happy Bday!

Such a pleasant surprise! Double congratulations to you! How long did you hv to wait for her? May I know how much is a CDC in US? Post more modeling pics of your new baby ;-)
Julia said…
OMG, i must leave my congrats to your new Birkin!

it is gorgeous!

can't wait to see your debut mod pic of her!

Congrats on your 35cm Gris T Birkin and CDC! The Gris T is a beautiful color indeed. Now you get me thinking if I should pick this Gris T or Etoupe or Olive Green when I'm in Paris!! I want a 42cm JPG Shoulder Birkin instead as my 1st H-bag...hehehe! So, how is this gris T different from the etoupe color? Any advice?

Can't wait for your modeling pix with this gorgy Birkin and your new CDC cuff! (So does that mean you're moving to H and done with Chanel? :P)

Oh...I just posted my mega Chanel reveal last Friday with 500+ pix and 12 sets of modeling ensembles. Here's the link to share with you:

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Justin:
I hv read from Isabel's thread that you have waited for 3 years and the truth might be you will never get it....just "maybe"!!
To tell you a story, when I went back to Taipei in April, the SA in Hermes simply told me that get it in USA or European cause' I will never have a chance to get it there. (What she meant by that is there are always celebrities, politician and wives of all the socialites will always be ahead of you. They are not getting 1 or 2 but 3 and 4 ......) I am glad she is very very honest even it sounds very rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if you learn somewhere in fact people do get their Birkin in a wait of 2, 3 ....years like you do. It is insane!! Why don't you just plan a trip to European and you will have the BIRKIN in a snap!!!

The DCD is $1000 USD before tax. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Julia: know, I am in fact waiting for your critics or criticism about how big splurge I did there..oh, well, ...I know. That's one thing I didn't step in Hermes after my last purchase of Hermes scarf(of course I explicitly told my SA that what colors of Birkin I want by then and never went back to just CHECK if they have it... what's the point if your SA don't call you, right?!!) So when I walk in Hermes on Sat. there I have IT!!!! I guess SAs don't like seeing us lurking around a Birkin all the time IN the store... well... well...well.... human being!!


Still, thank you and I always love reading about your thoughts and opinions!!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia:
Thank you, thank you and thank you. :) All the wishes from you girls are the LONGEST birthday wishes I've ever received. haha..

Hum...etoupe, it is pretty but if I can find any other different color I like, I would pass it up. :) It simply is everyone's fav. color so I like it...but it never is my fav. color. :P

As for tis' GRAY, it is the color that no one suggested me, no one mentioned to me...and such ..... so it wins my heart by itself. I think you know what do I mean. (TOO many info. just make us even more confused.) So I will say, just go Paris, spend a good time in Hermes, you may not find the GREATEST color of your desire but you might discover something that really WINs your heart. I don't know what it is and I don't want to tell you what color you should get neither. (Again, my friends all love this Gris T as I do too and I am glad I didn't have their opinion at first.)

Color difference between Etoupe and Gris T. I caught a very true Gray for that bag and you might notice that Etoupe is a bit "darker" and "rich" in its color spectrum than Gris T. Yu told me that Etoupe is like "color of mice" while we call Gris T is like "color of an elephant" and I refer it as "baby elephant gray as its lighter/softer color and texture). haha.....

Good luck and hum... yup, I can only say that I am very very selective about Chanel's stuff when they constantly go on sale..... while you know, Birkin never goes on sale. :)
justine loke said…
with 4 kids and 1 big baby(DH) to manage, I have never ( can u imagine never) gone anywhere overnight without at least one of my kids!

Furthermore, I am still breastfeeding my youngest.

Hermes and celebrities and big shots, I have always suspected these ppl are cutting our Q.

Another problem, the older I get, the more KIASI ( FU JIAN dialect) I become, I have fear of flying.

Don't know how I survived flying when I was in US and Australia yrs ago.

When I am really really desperate for Birkin till i can't sleep eat drink and shop, I will take up your offer of hunting one down for me ;-)

I am so so happy for you. Feel like one of my sisters just got a Birkin!

Good for you Rach!
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Justin:
I know there won't be a moment you can't eat, drink, sleep just because of a BIRKIN. But do you think you really want ONE for a heritage purpose or you really LIKE it to OWN it. I know it won't be hard for me to find one Birkin for you but the only thing is how soon you want to posses one. That makes a lot different. :)

I am feeling what do you mean by fear of flying! Just tell yourself to brain wash yourself,:P kids grow up one day and even one kid w/ you in a trip can be so much fun too. Now come to think of it, WE NEVER go on a trip w/o having our 3 kids around. To Japan in 2005, I had Niel and pregnant w/ Abby, 2005 going back to Taipei and Thailand w/ 2 kids, 2006 we spent Christmas in Washington state w/ Ilona at 4 month old and 2007 we went back to Taiwan, 2008 we visited Paris w/ 3 kids and my parents of total 7 people, 2009 we went back to Taipei again.
What I want to tell you is: any trip is worth it. I know you are probably a much more detailed mom than I am but really, just (maybe??!!) push a little harder about this aspect!!

A trip, a trip to European is so worthwhile!! Even you have breath feed your little girl. :) haha...
Anonymous said…
hi bag twin! nope, just got into it this year or Dec of last year. went crazy and got 2 birkins back to back in a month. but now i am addicted and want more! i just saw the birkin in 35 cm and 25 cm in the new color sienna? with gold hardware, i think i should wait until end of year to do another splurge like that. since i kinda promised my hubby i wont buy bags for a while, lil did he know that i just acquired a chanel red cavier jumbo bag last week. awww, bags are my weakness! and shoes, and clothes and accessories... but i tell my hubby if were were to get these stuff in taiwan it would cost him a lot more! hehe, dont't know if that made a differnce to him.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Dos: yes, everything you said is true but I don't think those make sense to guys. haha....
susanh98 said…
Hello Rachel;
Happy belated birthday!!!! It's been so long that I posted on your blog. I just came back from taiwan with my kids. Sooo much to catch up on your blog and I am so happy for you as you got your Birkin!!! Yay.
I can't wait to see your mod pics.
litlstrawberry said…
hey, you are finally back. So how is your trip in Taiwan? Kid learned a lot?? Normally they have a tremendous improvement just about everything within a trip back to their "root". :)
Thanks, I love my Birkin so much and the past couple days I can only "awe" whenever I took it out. ah ha ha ha .. silly, right?!!
Julia said…
Hi Rachel,

oh i would not criticize your big splurge on a birkin. I thought about getting one myself. then i passed. it was easy... i dont even use my chanel bags much. my life style needs me to tune down, not up. it is sad. because i love to live in a high style environment.

maybe i should move to Cupertino, CA...

i thought you have to be someone important to get a birkin right away. good thing you did not have to wait to 2,3 years. it kills the pleasure to own a luxury thing when you need to wait that long.
orihime said…
R 姊!!

生日快樂!! long time no see! how have you been? i've missed visiting you and your wonderful blog :)

your DH is so sweet to buy you such a wonderful and beautiful present :) i am so happy for you!

i actually have a question for you.. i was wondering if you could recommend some designer sunglasses for me? i've always loved your style.

thank you :)
litlstrawberry said…
haha...Julia: sure, why not!! You should say "we" move to cupertino, saratoga, Los Alto, Palo Alto, Los Gatoes....those are places have great elementary school, beautiful city, nice people and as for middle or high school, people in some cities tend to send kids to private school.

ANyway, oh, yup, here, everyone is equal (at least feels like that way), but in Asia, Hermes Birkin is like only sold to socialites. :P Like I said, it is not very nice for SA to tell you that the waiting list is LONG...and you have to wait... *well, I like the SA in Taipei who at least being honest and ask me just go get it somewhere else then.* Cruel but practical!!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, orihime or I should call you little tooth fairy then. :)

Thank you, I must say I kind of dragging my DH to Hermes and trick him to buy them off for me. hahahahahaahah....

Ok, I lost my beloved Chole sunglasses which I bought in Vegas and which is the same one as my other two good friends. I still can't believe it is gone gone I am looking for either the same one or Oliver people or Bottega Veneeta. You also can look into Tom ford......for Chanel, I like the very very classic, black, big frame the most. Rest are just too trendy in an awkward way. hahah...

Did you already try anything??
Purse Addict said…
OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!

I've been really busy at work lately so I might be a little late but first of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Second of all: CONGRATS ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL BIRKIN!!!!! I hope I get one too for my bday...har har, wishful thinking...

Honestly my heart is beating all fast right now...SO happy and excited for you :) :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Jenny:
Thanks so much!! :)

I took it out these couple days and tote around at home....then this morning, I just remembered that I want a Muse for this year and the conversation w/ you.....but this one came way before. So..what should I do, wait till next year for Muse? haha...
BTW, do you mean another one? How about the avatar of that pink croc? Isn't that yours?? She is so pretty~~~~ *drool*....
Purse Addict said… way! I WISH that was mine...its just a pic I found online...something to strive for esp since my blog name is futurebirkinowner :P

Um, I think the Muse will have to wait...this one blows it way out of the water...HAHA
litlstrawberry said…
I guess the Muse can wait....
Oh, Jenny, so you like exotic skin too then?!!! I think the total sum up of your CL heels cost might be equal to a croc Birkin? hahaha...
Welcome to the H club. Everyone graduates from Chanel or LV someday...and you'll never turn back.
Catherine said…
Hello Rachel,
Congrats! I am sooooo happy for you! I have to become your follower today after I see your beyound words Birkin! And happy Belated Birthday! (I guess I am way to late to say that, but a couple days long birthday is fun too!)Enjoy your Birkin and post some modeling pictures soon! Can't wait!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Courting:
Thanks, sweetie. Hum....I don't want to say that I am completely in the H side....since I just started loving Chanel in 2006 or 2007....well, but I must admit that "H" do has a magic charm...everything labeled as "Luxury"........oh, every woman has to pamper themselves in some
way.....WE?!!! I guess Hermes knows women too. hahah..
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Catherine:
Thank you. :) I am happy to have you here.

I can't believe ONE Birkin has this powerful magic....just see how many messages here....that's a record for me. haha... Too bad that I can't buy Birkin very often to let you girls drool over those luxury goodies everyday. hahahahah..
LilKristy said…
OOO MMMMYYY GOOOSHHH! it is sooo beautiful... Congrats Rachel!!!! I can't wait to see your modeling picture with the purse. :)

Also, i love your Minnetonka boots you bought for your friend and yourself. I lived in Minnetonka for 3 years and it is a beautiful place.:)

I also stopped by NOrdstrom and bought the Laura Mercier tinted most. that you and Claudia recommended. I also bought Nars night creme and day moisturizer. The SA said my skin is too dry so she recommended NARS. Do you know anyone use NARS moisturizer before?
LilKristy said…
OOO MMMMYYY GOOOSHHH! it is sooo beautiful... Congrats Rachel!!!! I can't wait to see your modeling picture with the purse. :)

Also, i love your Minnetonka boots you bought for your friend and yourself. I lived in Minnetonka for 3 years and it is a beautiful place.:)

I also stopped by NOrdstrom and bought the Laura Mercier tinted most. that you and Claudia recommended. I also bought Nars night creme and day moisturizer. The SA said my skin is too dry so she recommended NARS. Do you know anyone use NARS moisturizer before?
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Kristy:
Thank you, dear. You know, I have not got a chance to carry it, I am feeling fragile as well as the Birkin...haha.....but I do wear my white CDC out the past couple days...feeling "being loved".....haha.. you have been places too!! That's great, I always think people have to travel as much as possible before settled down...for anything!!

Hum...I somehow heard about NARS but never use their moisturizer before. I guess I am up to more concentrated stuff and Nars just might be too mild for us light-matured skin/woman. haha... Just try to be religiously using your cream, serum day and night...and feel does it help at all!!!!

Oh, you do know the mascara has a vibrated function, right? I am not sure what does it really do but I just bought another two packages.....Oh, right, I have to share this wonderful eyelash growing gel in the future.
Hi LilKristy,

Hahaha..I'm not Rachel but I just have to chime in about Nars. (Rachel, hope you don't mind..)

I love a product from Nars very much (I am also a big fan of their eyeshadows coz of the rich colors), and the name is called "AquaGel Hydrator". You can use it as a leave-on mask at night, or a quick hydrating lotion in the morning before you put on your make-up. Just use it religiously every day and you will see how your skin is so subtle and smooth and moisturised. This was my life-saver during the last 3 months before my wedding day and my skin during the wedding is FLAWLESS I can say. :D I've been using it also when I was living in Switzerland when the weather was really dry. :D

Enjoy your new skin care!


P.S. Rachel, maybe you want to try that too? I recommended this Nars AquaGel Hydrator to lots of friends already and they all love it! :D
litlstrawberry said…
OH, sure, Michelle:
Thanks, I might stop by NARs sometime next week then. :)

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