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ho ho ho...... I should carry my Chanel in this shirt!! lol.
Now I am in a mission of searching for a perfect red Chanel classic. It surely feels great that DH complies with my wishes and let me SHOP for luxury.  You know temptation is the nemesis of a composed soul and now I am letting go of my mind.  ^^ ha ha~

My ODJ. 
1. Top:  Kain label pocket tank (the most money worth tank of mine)Limedrop fall cloud cardigan 2. Bottom: Mphosis draped pants 
3. Accessory:  Earrings and double-string studs belt bought at IndonesiaSam Edelman taupe gladiator flat sandal, Chanel matte black reissue 226

Royal blue laser-cut earrings. 

Here are some more stuff I bought at A. Fad today!
 gladiator platform heels (lavender and brown)

This is draped teal shorts but I didn't catch its true color. :P

I love this distressed lace very much.

Ah, it is time back doing my ODJ thing....... ^O^ xoxo Rachel

Last minute shopping at ITC in Jakarta.

Mother-in-law bought me swallow's nest and lots of dry goods for me. You must already know of most women pamper their skin by drinking swallow's nest in sweet soup!! ^^  She took me to ITC market again before we head back to Taipei and I am very grateful to her for all her kindness.
I guess all Asia countries are raving about Korea style fashion because of those soap opera shows and cheaper, but still nice quality clothes. Stores in ITC either import or locally made a lot Korea style clothes. Some stores would specifically tell you that they import all their clothes from Korea but you can never see a TAG prints like that...oh, well........ but the good thing is you can bargain in more of stores. That I have to thank for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. ^^

I bought lots of belt this trip!!

Again, jumper!! Now even my sister-in-laws know I love the pattern and the look of it! :)

Everyone loves a thing of tie-dye but I don't own any... :P

Little baubles...earrings. 


travel Log at Lembang and Bandung in West Java!! (Day 3)

We are heading back to Jakarta today.

Kids enjoyed a lot of horse rides in this trip.  They can even ride horses around the neighborhood at where we stayed. Labors are cheap here so we want to take the advantage of that too! ^^
A nice look-out from the complex where we stayed!

The last destination is De Ranch where kids enjoy outdoor adventures and adults can also enjoy local treats and feet massage by some kind of electrical fish which electrifies your feet!! @@

De Ranch at Lembang!
Kids can experience lots of adventures.

I am giving my BUTT a horse massage. lol.

DH and I had a wonderful time w/ his whole family!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs teeMphosis lace shortsplum leggings Chanel 226 matte black reissue 10'Chanel rose flip flop 10'Karen Walker Dandy sunglassesI am glad that I brought over my super big straw hat w/ me in this trip..otherwise I will have to do IPL or Fraxel facial treatment when I am back to USA!!!!! ^O^

After almost 4 hours and half driving back to Jakarta, w…

Travel Log at Lembang and Bandung in West Java!! (Day 2)


Tangkuban Perahu Crater - The beautiful Crater in West Java (credited to

Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt 
Mphosis gray cropped pants
Karen Walker Dandy tortoise sunglasses
Chanel 226 matte black reissue

Sulfur lake


Here is much cooler on the mountains so you can see the street vendors sells accessories to keep you warm. 

The intricate patterns on those carved wood formed naturally in the mountain.

We have to walk UP to the mountain to see the sulfur lake. 

Half way there.........

Here we reward for myself.... a clay spa treatment for my feet. 

I am waiting for the clay to turn WHITE and then I can wash it off in the HOT HOT HOT water. 

You can tell how hot it is by the steam.

Everyone enjoys a dip or two! ^^

Off we go for an energy packed lunch... I thought we are going to eat steak, roasted chicken, cheese fondue, or even replenish ourselves. ... but the truth is:.....
The candles are there for keeping flies away, …