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06 June, 2010


I didn't know that one of my cousin was getting married yesterday and the only dress I brought is Hugo Boss!!

I am glad that the dress works great w/ CL heels. ^^

Little favor, Double Joy !

Chanel 226 matte black reissue w/ SHW
Hermes white CDC


Mother of Style said...

The outfit turned out great- you are wearing my FAVORITE CLs too :)

Sounds like you are having a great time!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mother of style.

Really? This style comes w/ mutilple colors and it sold out as well!!

Yes, finally I, especially my girls, adjust themselves w/ the time here in Taipei.

Mona P said...

Hi, there! I think your dress and the heels look perfect for this occasion! Good thing you had a dress with you!

How are your girls doing in Taipei? They must be so excited to see their grandparents!

You should relax and enjoy yourself, grandparents can look after kids. That is what I do when I go home, I try to give myself as much "me" time as I possibly can.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mona.

I thought about bring one dress to match the CL heels just in case... an occasion requires me to dress up a little. I am glad the whole outfit is very fashionable in moderation which makes the "bride" still the main focus. hahhahahahahha

oh, yes, my dad had been really helpful these couple days and he is the one taking my daughters all around our neighborhood. hehe.... (yah, interesting, it is not my mom who takes care of my girls!!!)

You have a great day!!

I am going to update more Karen Walker stuff which I bought yesterday!! Her fun stuff!!!


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