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28 June, 2010

travel Log at Lembang and Bandung in West Java!! (Day 3)


We are heading back to Jakarta today.

Kids enjoyed a lot of horse rides in this trip.  They can even ride horses around the neighborhood at where we stayed. Labors are cheap here so we want to take the advantage of that too! ^^
A nice look-out from the complex where we stayed!


The last destination is De Ranch where kids enjoy outdoor adventures and adults can also enjoy local treats and feet massage by some kind of electrical fish which electrifies your feet!! @@

De Ranch at Lembang!

Kids can experience lots of adventures.



I am giving my BUTT a horse massage. lol.

DH and I had a wonderful time w/ his whole family!!!

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs tee
  • Mphosis lace shorts
  • plum leggings 
  • Chanel 226 matte black reissue 10'
  • Chanel rose flip flop 10'
  • Karen Walker Dandy sunglasses
  • Photobucket
I am glad that I brought over my super big straw hat w/ me in this trip..otherwise I will have to do IPL or Fraxel facial treatment when I am back to USA!!!!! ^O^

After almost 4 hours and half driving back to Jakarta, we had an in-house service of family photo shoot at DH brother's house.

What a trip and thanks to DH's brother and his wife for arranging this whole family trip!!


Amelie said...

Looks like you have tons of fun - I feel like I were on vacation (mentally) while reading your recent posts!!! Have a great time:)

litlstrawberry said...

haha..Thanks, Amelie!!

Away from home always make us miss our real HOME very much and I am glad we are heading back to USA!!


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