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13 June, 2010

Family Reunion....My Camera Man is Here Now! ^^

Do you notice my style changed when i am in Taipei? 

Perhaps not!!! ^O^ But I do my best to distinguish my style from the majority in Taiwan. Like my friend said, the style of 矽谷. Well, who knows what does that mean!! lol

Hubby and my son finally joined us from SF this morning, thus both my camera men are back in their position. :P 
To help Niel adjusting the jet lag and curb the tendency of sleeping through the day, I signed up swimming class for him. So the first thing after he got off from the plane is ...... go swimming!!! 

Niel is still a rookie in swimming :P. 

I notice that stripes and little floral prints on clothes are omnipresent sold in the stores and worn by people in Taipei.  Resistlessly, I bought this stripes dress along w/ this asymmetrical collared blazer at a. Fad. the other day. 

Perfectly go w/ my Chanel 226 black matte reissue! ^^

A casual wear!

A dressier look:
W/ long green legging n' YSL tribute heels.

I also bought couple interesting colored leggings at a. Fad. (台北市敦化南路一段161 巷11號Plum and mustard colors.

I learned a lesson from this back home trip: Next time, it is not necessary to pack clothes back to Taipei.....everything is uber-fab here.  No matter it is high fashion or street chic or mix n' match, the stores have them all!!!

I should say we are lucky that instead of being sticky and smelly in Taipei, the rain does cool down the temperature a lot and I don't have to apply sunblocks all the time. 

That looks like a casual suit I was wearing. 
  • Tsumori Chisato pale pink blouse
  • nylon blazer w/ little shoulder patches imported from Korea
  • Helmut lang boyfriend shorts
  • Sam Edlem taupe gladiator sandal
  • Proenza Shouler PS1 yellow clutch


  • Michael Angel digital print sheer tank
  • limedrop cloud print silk twill cardigan w/ pleat 

short jeans


  • Chanel 10' rose flip flop
  • Proenza Shouler PS1 clutch (not shown in pic. )


Nothing beats the happiness of having dinner w/ family!! ^O^


Have a well-planned week!
xoxo Rachel


MadsaboutU said...

Very cute outfits you have on! I am glad the weather is still agreeing with your style. It looks like you guys are having lots and lots of fun! Have a great week ahead!:)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mad. where's your next destination for summer fun? ^^


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