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10 June, 2010

My Little Fun in Taipie!!

Mucho Mucho Cafe 台北市大安區復興南路一段107巷5弄29號1樓

Swedish sandwich (w/ smoked salmon) ... very unique of cracker sandwich and the smoke salmon doesn't have the fishy taste at all.......... two thumbs up!!!

Home made dessert!!


Bread pudding w/ ice cream (Now I am home sick......California!!!) ^^


a. fad -- My cousin highly recommends Korea imported fashion shop

I don't think their website do the justice of what they really carried in worths to take a trip to their real store!! 





This is the last pair of baby pink rain boots....size Small = 22, 23. 
Then I just found that there is no place selling Hunters rain boots in Taiwain!! hum....Interesting!!!

Trio a very reasonable priced but very created in their cocktail lounge!

Flirt = volka, white wine and fresh grape juice!! Love it!!

What a night for me!! ^^


blingmistress said...

Thanks for keeping a lookout for me Rachel..

I ended up buying a pair from City Super, of all places! I couldnt decide between brown houndstooth and pink checkered so I got the latter! Bright colors for spring/summer !!!

Wow, the Korean store looks great.Gotta check it out some time!!

I leave for Shanghai tomorrow , cant wait! And ended up getting a Bulgari Bzero in black ceramic and rose gold today!! yay!!

What else have u been buying or hoping to buy on this trip back?


litlstrawberry said...

hey, coreen:
Iam glad you found the rain boots..but .. you are leaving for Shanghai tomorrow, and why do you want to get that rain boots so soon? Anyway, you need that anyhow!!

Congrats on you new loot and it sounds divine!!! This trip I have nothing I really desire except having fun w/ friends. However, I think I still bought lots of STUFF!! ^^

You have a great weekend!!

susanh98 said...

Hey Rachel;

That store looks pretty cool i want to visit! where is it?

blingmistress said...

Hi again Rachel

Guess what! I was in A.Fad amongst other stores today and wow they have some decent stuff! I live about 350 metres away from the store! The whole lane was just full of little shops at great prices!

Ended up getting a half batwing top in forest green linen/cotton mix and a pink and white striped tunic from another lil store

Can't wait to wear em!

I am bringing those rainboots with me because I will be outdoors a lot and seems as if it's gonna rain heaps when I'm there!

Hope you have a good weekend too :)


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan: all the store has a link underneath, i am not sure which store you are talking about..... if not, let me know!! ^^


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