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21 June, 2010

Jakarta...Meeting w/ other side's family.....and A beauty Pageant?!!!

Here we are, Jakarta!!!!

You still see lots of street vendors in most south east countries. 

I don't eat rice, period, but bread is one thing that I desire the most when traveling!!

Hubby and his brother said that this is a good spot for drinks!! I haven't have a chance to give it a try but sure I will in the next couple days!! ^^
The first mission in Jakarta is to meet up w/ hubby's family, relatives!!
Here we are!!!

No, we are not in Venetian hotel .... it is hubby's eldest brother's house.

The front door and then my parents stay at down stair's guest house...the one w/ metal bar window...yes, it is such an staple for Asia style as you probably well notice!! (The bar is to keep out of burglars.)

The second door from foyer to main lobby!

The painting up in the ceiling. 

The window that you can overlook from the third floor!

A formal dinner table w/ wall painting and high ceiling.

Family dinning room.
An instrument that I forgot the name of it... :P

Before dinner, we walk around the community. Niel, Abby and Ilona couldn't get enough of driving this electrical jeep.


By the swimming pool. 
  • Vince boat neck top
  • PH 8 draped skirt
  • korea plum leggins
  • Chanel 226 matte black reissue
  • Chanel rose flip flop 2010
Can you guess how high is the ceiling?

I guess I have to get used to a HUGE family gathering w/ hubby's family asap ^O^!!

They are my hubby's cousins...and oh, they are so young, and all so pretty!! 
When I look at this picture, I thought they could be the best candidates for next Miss Indonesia. ^O^

Stay tuned!
Hope you can glean vicarious pleasure from the fun travel w/ me in Jakarta.
xoxo Rachel


miseru_san said...

thanks alot for ur recommendation. ve jotted it down on my note.
ur in jakarta. moi - indonesian...lemme recommend u to dine at Orient 8 (hotel mulia) - must try. for shoppin unbranded stuff must try ITC Mangga Dua (Fl. 4-5 sell korean fashion).Branded stuff is quite pricey here n no GST claim. But u can browse around Plaza Indonesia (kid frenly , visit Mineapolis)& Grand Indonesia
Need other info lemme know.
World is so small... dohley is ur cousins...wakkaka... send my regards to her

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Funny that you don't eat rice, I can't live without it! lol Anyways, what a huge family your husband has wow!! And the table is sooo long, teh ceileing is soooo tall, the hosue seems sooo huge! Wow wow wow - lots to get used to! ;-)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Miseru: My in-law wants to take me to ITC to get a pair of sneakers since they want take us all to do mountain climbing.... and the shoes I had is flip flops and YSL heel!! As for the orient 8, hubby knows about it but not sure if we will go there.... cause' you know, everytime we go out, there are like 8 people w/ us.... parents, brothers, in-laws.... I'd better just follow them!! :)

So, wow, it is a small world indeed. Dohley is my hubby's cousin as a matter of fact, which made me to be her..????... I don't know, I felt I am UP a generation among them. :P

Did I just add Dohley in my FB?? I am not sure since there are like 15 relatives came last night!! :P

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Julia: yes, today, we had 2 vans to drive us around including parents and and families... it feels like a whole army's schedule for a war! :P

They don't live at the same roof but they get together quite often. It happens that hubby's brother has a HUGE house and a best spot for us to stay in ... instead of in-laws' house. Hooray for me!!! ^O^

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! Glad you're enjoying Jakarta! A big family indeed! It reminds me of my family in Manila.....I have like 20+ cousins and 7 pairs of uncles and aunties...hahahha! I guess it's like that in South East Asian countries.

Wow, your Dh's brother's house is like a MANSION! Does it have 20 rooms upstairs? Hehehehe! Really an eye-opener!

BTW, I want to ask you something....I just read your previous post about a Japanese brand named "20,000,000 fragments". I love the tweed jacket that you bought!! Where did you buy it in Taipei? What is the name of the store? I want to call the store and see if they can ship over to Hong Kong to me. I really like the loose shorter sleeves and the pearls on the jacket. The color combo is great too! What a nice find! Now I don't need Chanel! LOL! Hope you can share the information and I'll be on the search! Thanks thanks! (Again, bad influence to me...LOL!)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your stay in Indonesia! Have fun!



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