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29 June, 2010


ho ho ho...... I should carry my Chanel in this shirt!! lol.

Now I am in a mission of searching for a perfect red Chanel classic. It surely feels great that DH complies with my wishes and let me SHOP for luxury.  You know temptation is the nemesis of a composed soul and now I am letting go of my mind.  ^^ ha ha~


My ODJ. 

1. Top: 
  • Kain label pocket tank (the most money worth tank of mine)
  • Limedrop fall cloud cardigan 
2. Bottom:
Mphosis draped pants 

3. Accessory: 
  • Earrings and double-string studs belt bought at Indonesia
  • Sam Edelman taupe gladiator flat sandal,
  • Chanel matte black reissue 226


Royal blue laser-cut earrings. 

Here are some more stuff I bought at A. Fad today!
 gladiator platform heels (lavender and brown)

This is draped teal shorts but I didn't catch its true color. :P


I love this distressed lace very much.

Ah, it is time back doing my ODJ thing....... ^O^
xoxo Rachel


qian said...

I am searching a chanel red classic too.

I am wondering which size of 2.55 reissue would fit for me. I am similar heights as you. Before i just buy jumbo size of classic flap. From your pictures, i feel medium is also great. Any recommendations for size?

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Looks like you had a blast in Indonesia! I am heading to Paris tonight!! Oh, you are looking for a red Chanel classic? I just went to the NM trunk show, and there will be 3 different shades of red reissue this fall, so you are in luck.... I would love to have a red reissue too, but I already have a red classic jumbo :-( Have a safe trip back, and I look forward to talking to you after I get back....

litlstrawberry said...

hi, qian:
great, as Isabel said, we are in luck!!!!

Medium is great and perfect for a little longer traveling.

I am looking for a classic jumbo and also 227 reissue both in red. I will see whatever color shades catch my eyes!!

If you have jumbo size classic, maybe you can try medium but yes, it is not as commodious as jumbo though. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, sis, I thought of you when I write this post for the red classic and the Paris trip. Oh, make sure you find something interesting for yourself and for ME too. ^^

Karen walker is only sale for 30%off privately if you mention about it. (But I don't think I have time to drop by again....) Does Paris have KW?

Bon Voyage and do enjoy yourself in Pairs and take lots of pictures!!!

Talk to you while you are back!!

susanh98 said...

oh rachel nice buys!!! those KW sunglasses are very cool and love the pink. Matches very well with all the outfits you bought at A Fad.
Glad you are back safe from your trip and do show us your new CL ;)

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Susan: are you here in USA? I thought you are still in Taipei?

I am adjusting back well and hopefully kids can stay up till 1 or 2 AM and go to sleep till 7 Am in the morning.

I did a price adjustment on my Chloe sandal and now I just have to pick up my RED CL...maybe i can find a red Chanel classic to match up w/ my new CL??? hah.. well, but the red Chanel is actually buying for my mom. However, I guess I can carry it until I have to give back to HER or till she mentions about it then. :P

How is your summer so far? I signed up a lot of activities for my kids and I need to figure out the whole schedule by this weekend!!


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