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A Voracious Shopper!

So who is it? 

Me, me, me!! 

There is nothing to be ashamed of admitting that I love shopping!!^O^ 

As a matter of fact, to stay fit, to take care of my 3 adorable kids w/o nanny's help and to be able to BE a voluptuary is something I am also proud of!! And I am also thankful for being able to have family back in Taipei and friends (even though we may not meet before) all over the world.

......... Ok, I should stop being so mawkish all of a sudden. :P

Now follow me for a glimpse of hot trends in Taiwan. ^^

My kids and I all love the interior inside the bookstore..... for me, it is like a miniature of Border's bookstore in USA. 
Except for it is cuter and cozier for both the reading environment and its book selection. 

A brand " GALOOP" established in 2003 in Taiwan. 

Heidi's huge flower hair band is from GALOOP!!...
The bigger flower, the better accessory!! 勝!lol.



A reservation is a MUST!!
Not a kids friendly environment but worth the try!!




Those cute boutiques (some of them can be found at  yahoo's on-line auction as well), restaurants are all within walking distance!!


Night Market in 饒河街.
 I was pretty good at those marble games when I was little!! ^^

Do you see those silly gold-fish? 
No, they don't feel bloating nor being over-fed at all....if you are wondering how do their belly get so big as I wondered!! lol.

How weird that I wear my Chanel rose flip flop almost everyday in I miss my heels.  

Let's come to the other sides of Downtown Taipei!
T.G.I. Fridays!!

After lunch at T.G.I Fridays, we walked to a newly opened shop nearby!

"Sabrina" (A use-to-be coworker opened her first Japanese-Korea style shop.)

This is a  perfect get-away dress to visit Jakarta next week! ^^


We all love the voluminous floral decor. and drapes of this one. 


Doesn't this one remind you of Chanel's camellia!!

You know what do I love the most of Sabrina's store???

The accessories!! 

She picks pretty and good quality pearl necklaces. 

Guess who is the pretty owner!!? ^O^

Whenever a friend opens a store, it automatically becomes a "perfect spot" for get-together!! lol

Don't you just love a private shopping!! hehe...... 

Thanks to all my friend's contribution of modeling.
Japanese brand name clothing has its reputation of intricacy and delicacy. 


My New Fab. shoes find for this trip.!!
Tomorrow I must pay a visit on this store and will share more of their design!!

Aren't you loving those bling and huge glass stone!!

Can't get away this rave trend..... floral print jumpers. ^^

I picked one that is hard to spot as floral prints ..... and I love this one for its "TAUPE" base. 
Oh, geez, did I just say that I love Taupe like all my friends do. lol.

Done for Now! 
xoxo Rachel


chocolaine said…
OMG Rach!!! i LOVE that floral drapy dress!!! do u think ur friend will sell/ship internationally? awww, i want it ><"

cant wait to see more post =) Enjoy ur trip (oh btw i just visited taipei in Feb =P)
Michelle said…
Your friend's shop is very nice! I love all the items you took pics of!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Chocolaine:

ha... so which one you are talking about? The floral drapy "jumpsuit" I wore?? That's not dress though. It is pants/jumpsuit!!

You know, I don't think it will be a problem for her to ship internationally as she does travel to Canada...maybe she can even ship locally!! ^^

Do you really want that floral jumpsuit? It comes in 3 colors....mine (taupe), dark gray and navy (I mean the base color)!! All colors are fab and in fact, she sold out that style/all colors and had to order from Japan again!!!

Let me know if you need help place an order!! :)

You know, I am so not used to those cute cute style back in Taipei but finally I think I NAILED it!! I am going to dress more "local" hahahah...
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Michelle. I do hope you enjoy reading my blog a lot!! ^^
chocolaine said…
its the floral dress where u said "We all love the voluminous floral decor. and drapes of this one.". lol i dun think i could EVER pull off a jumpsuit like you do, i'm too short and guess i have to chop off half of the pants?!

rach would u model that dress for me pls?? i REALLY like it...maybe i could even wear it on my wedding day since its just a registration anyway =P i just hope it will fit my very prego belly by then in Oct =)
Mona P said…
Your friend's boutique is super cute, the accessories are just adorable! I especially liked the camelia-esque necklace and your floral jumpsuit!

Oh and that white dress with the floral decor, love it! I think it would look fantastic on you!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, chocolaine:
I will see if I can take a picture....w/ me in it. ^^
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Mona.

Do you just even do window shopping when back in Asia? Everything is 10 times adorable here. :P
Mother of Style said…
Wow- so many pretty things to look at! This is an epic trip you are taking! Enjoy :)
miseru_san said…
hi, been followin ur blog. n luv it.. was wondering if u can recommend me where to shop in taipei as i ll be there on July...preferable boutique selling jap or korea clothes (which area gud 4 shoppin)

nvr been there b4 so ll realli appreciate ur recommendation.

Hi R! I'm finally back from Paris! Jet-lag mode now! Brought back 61.9kg of goodies...hahahahaa! How crazy can it get?! LOL!

Anyway, love your friend's shop. Reminds me of the cute little shops here in HK, in fact, I have that exact camellia-like pearl necklace! It's actually available in a lot of small shops in HK and costs like US$20+. Nice piece to play around! :D

And I can't stop noticing that the floral jumpsuit and lace dress that you are modeling are so much like what I have! LOL! I guess it's the "trend" in Asia, esp. inspired by Japanese and everything looks the same.

BTW, you need not worry about wearing the "cute cute" styles in Taiwan. You're only in your early 30s right? You can nail it. I'm 3 or 4 years older than you are and sometimes, I enjoy dressing cute! We have to embrace the moment while we still can! :D

Cute thongs you have there. You should come here....and do more shopping here! LOL!

Anyway, enjoy Taipei and have a nice trip to Indonesia!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, miseru_san: First thing you are going to love about Taipei/Taiwan is the FOOD.... everything here is irresistible good taste!!!

"Dazzling" is one afternoon tea-time restaurant that I'd love to try.... it famous for its owner... a celebrity... a sexy mom...from a wealthy family. :P yah, Asia is sometimes blindly loving to follow those kinda of trends.

"Hilton" hotel has great Thai food and dim sum.

"Brother's hotel" also has the best dim sum.... there are so many places that even myself yet to try. :P

As for shopping... I think I am happy w/ those stores I posted on my blog....and even the BellaVita is worth doing a window shopping there as it is the newest department store there. I don't think you'd care too much of "high brands" here in Taiwan... they are great to watch but not really worth the buying. Europe is still the best bet for everything fancy, grogy and cheaper!!! :P

Try walk around those stores I posted (I have links underneath or address at bottom) and the vendors along the street. You will know what Asia fave about!! :)
Betsy C. said…
Rachel - I know most girls are looking at the shops, but I"m so glad you are posting places for the kids too! :D After seeing how well you're doing with kids there for a month, I think we may give that a try next summer. I was reluctant to go back at first due to the humidity and heat, but I think there may be enough things to do that we won't have to be locked up at home and in the air-conditioned room all the time.

That strapless white dress is so cute and definitely perfect for your island vacation that is coming up. Did you buy it? Your friends have wonderful taste too.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Betsy:
yes, one thing we are lucky is the does cool down the temperature a lot and we only experience couple days of HEAT. Also, travel out of Taipei is one plan that most of my friends do to 1) extend the stay at Taiwan 2) to take the benefit of visiting South East and South North countries for a cheaper deal.

You know, I also have to thank for my friends here as they took or babysit ME/kids/even hubby while I am OUT for a manicure/pedicure. :P

The point is: you just have to go out and explore....except here is too hot that even sometimes I can't play dress-up for myself...:P and also we walk a lot, sweat a lot...dress-up seem to be silly here during the day!! hahaha... I felt that I was in sauna all the time which I hate doing it!!! haha..
litlstrawberry said…
hello, Mia:

Welcome back to Asia!! ^^ Guess you are going a great contribution to our global economy!!

Are you going to update your blog at all? I know you probably are too busy enjoy them instead of uploading pictures of them...but again, I hope you do put them in great use!! You know, maybe you should do "review" instead of doing wardrobe style type of blog as you know lots of brands/things pro and con!!

You know, I felt that style is evolving not just by age, trend but also "environment"!! I mean I felt that I want to be "cute" and "cool" at the same time here in Taipei but I only want to be chic and "cool" when I am back in USA... cute stuff in USA is different... you know the difference. .. just not Japanese kinda of cute!! Besides, I had a blog talked about the real japanese style is neither sweet nor edgy/avat-garde, or street style... but most of us interpret it to be "Kah-wa-ee"!!! ^^

Anyway, like you said, dressing young when we still can and people normally can't believe that I have 3 children already!! :P

Have a great time back in Hong Kong!!

LOL! R! With a body like that, of course people won't believe you have 3 kids! You can still model like Claudia Schiffer! Likewise, people always thought I'm still in my early 20s!!! But I'm 36 already! I guess we're lucky and blessed! LOL!

Yup, I will update my blog next week. I'm taking pictures day by day now so that I can share my loot with everybody on tPF and my blog. I'll let you know when I've updated my blog. I have Hermes, Chanel, Louboutin, YSL, share with you guys. Oh, I bought a lot of nice Lilith stuff too and managed to talk to the person in charge to ship me things directly from Paris and she will update me on their new styles. I spent 2 hours in their shop alone..:P I think I spent half a million HKD on the goodies I brought home from Paris...hahahaha! So, yes, I've contributed my part to the economy. :P Anyway, I will be on a ban now, except to pay for my 2 special order birkins which will be ready this September. Other than that, I think I'll be happier to enjoy and use all the things I've bought...hehe!

You're so right about doing a "review" type on my blog. Well, actually, I'm doing that already offline for a lot of my friends. They always ask me about bags, clothes, jeweleries, shoes, and ask for my advice what to get and where. I feel great being able to help them. But I still enjoy dressing up and sharing my pix on my blog, just that taking pix and resizing and uploading them are quite time consuming.....

Anyway, when are you heading to Indonesia? Take some bikini pix again! :D Enjoy!


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