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06 June, 2010

Karen Walker專櫃(誠品信義店) -- Going on Sale in July!!

The moment I saw Karen Walker's boutique in Taipei, I had to manage myself to remain composed in front of the SA! ^^   So excited! 





sexy blouse...

You probably remember one of the signature print of this year on the tote bag. 

The store manager, Jerry, took those cute stuffed vegetable/caterpillar for Ilona to play w/ while I shop and take pictures. ^^

I have been a fan of Karen's retro, bold and bright-colored sunglasses but dare to buy w/o trying it on first.  To my regret, they sold out all the 09' round style and nothing left for me...except for this style of Dandy 08' tortoise that suits me. 


The arrow at side has always been her signature.

Then I go home w/ this quirky poncho....which I already have million ways of wearing it. ^^

The manager, Jerry, is very kind that he gave me this orange t-shirt decorated w/ the print of a broken pearl necklace as a gift!! ^O^

Jerry certainly knows a smart way of doing business as well as boosting the sales. As for me, happily accepted the t-shirt and decided to do a free ad. for them and for Karen Walker!! It's not just the media holds the power of being boundary-less but also words have been spread out that they are going to have a sale in July!!!
I am glad that I still can concoct a presentable ensemble from head to toe from my very limited wardrobe in Taipei.

(I should pull down my socks a bit more...haha..)


1. Top: 

  • Erin Kleinberg boy friend tee
  • black blazer w/ rear-side pockets

2. bottom: karen walker poncho wore as skirt
3. Accessory:

  • American Apparel gray polka dot socks
  • Proenza Shouler yellow PS1 clutch
  • karen Walker Dandy tortoise sunglasses

4. Shoes: Anne Valerie Hash brogues

Those pictures are so hilarious that I didn't ask my girls to pose w/ me but they all did anyhow!! lol 

This is the rear-side pocket of my blazer which has 2 slits at each side.
The long blazer is from a Taiwanese designer. 

Going to explore more later on!!
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

I love those sunnies...

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, Janet!!

The sunglasses is really a simple but bold statement piece to be worn on the face!!! ^^

Mona P said...

Love the poncho and the sunglasses! You can totally rock the poncho by wearing it in different ways, great piece to have in your wardrobe!

Did you think of how you'll wear that orange shirt? I like it very much!

Look forward to your next post!

Prutha said...

love the pancho and the glasses and her kids!!!! sooo cute!!!

follow if u like what u see?


litlstrawberry said...

thanks, prutha. As you wish, I followed your blog!! ^^

Mona P said...

Love that you can wear the poncho in such different ways! The sunglasses are so unique and the orange top is super cute!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Mona:
how are you?

Today is hot but the weather predict Rain.... the next two days. Well, I would say we are lucky that we can bare the weather walking on the street everyday!!

Thanks, I do like that busy poncho a lot except I dont have many things to go w/ it here in Taipei. As for the T-shirt, it really is a surprise to me. :)

What's in your wishlist next season then? Chanel?

Mona P said...

I am good, thanks! Hope you guys are enjoying your time in Taipei!

I can totally relate to a weather. When we go back home, it is going to be so hot and humid!

Something from Chanel is always a must on my wishlist. But what I would really love is to get a Bottega Veneta Grape Karung Toile Knot clutch. If you google it or check purseblog, you'll see the pictures. It is gorgeous!

Also thinking of a Missoni top that I saw online ...

And I will be on a lookout for a classic coat (love MaxMara for that) for winter season.

And many-many other things ... the list is impossibly long, as I am sure you'll understand :)


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