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15 June, 2010

Dries Van Norton n' Jill Stuart Beauty



1. Top: 
tutu slip underneath
Dries Van Norton inkjet print blouse
2. Bottom:
PH 8 pink draped skirt
plum cropped leggings
3. Accessory:
Chanel matte black reissue 226 w/ SHW
Karen Walker Dandy tortoise sunglasses
brown braided belt (borrowed from my mom)
4. Shoes:
Chanel rose pink flip flop

PS. Chanel boutique in New SoGo department store has both rose and gray/green (We call it mung bean slush color. ^O^) flip flops!! 

The vertical prints around the shoulders give Dries blouse a princess sleeves' look and accentuate the neck.

You know you can never get rid of certain old clothes; one day, they inevitable come back into vogue. 

Finally I have time stopping by Jill Stuart beauty for a test "make-up"!!!
I bought a purple eyeliner to highlight my lens/eyes, and gold tone w/ sparkles nail polish for a summer fun look. 
( lower right )The taro, dark lavender jelly textured eye shadow is so easy and moist when applied on the eyelid. My experience is that it almost is impossible to apply too much!!! 
However, the jelly eyeshadow might dry out faster in the continental climate....such as USA!! @@

The far right is charcoal.

I was on the verge of spending money on those yummy color blushes yesterday.


I only applied the far left two eye shadows on my eyelid and around the corner of tear gland. 
It really is very natural looking but somehow the shimmering color around the corner of right eye didn't show under the flash!

Have a good laugh!!
xoxo Rachel


isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Don't you just love Jill Stuart makeup? I wish we could get them in the U.S.... The colors are very flattering on Asian skin.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Isabel: yes, thanks for telling me about that awesome eyeshadow as I had a hard time deciding which color combi. to buy. :) However, the jelly eyeshadow is pure fun as it probably does dry out very fast in north Cal. ^^

How is your summer plan? I got your shirt the other day and I think so far there is only new Zealand and Taiwan have her boutique where you can physically see her stuff. o.w. you have to go online shopping!!!

Michelle said...

I love Jill Stuart make-up! Don't worry about the eye jelly, if you close the lid tightly, it will be fine. I have too much Jill Stuart make-up! You have to try the blushes! They are highly pigmented and very pretty on! That said, the colors in the different blush palettes are pretty similiar. If you like blue based pinks, then #2 is for you. Most of the other blush shades are pink with strong peach or red undertones. I personally like #2, #7 and #11. Have fun shopping!!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Michelle:

I will give it a try if I have a chance.

I love blushes but hate to buy duplicate....perhaps I can try the ones you recommend and see if something works for me that I don't have yet!!! ^^

Prutha said...

love the baby!!! those glasses just cracked me up!! hehehehehe...

love ur top too


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