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09 June, 2010

Things to Share!!

All handbag made by recycled bottles. Yes, it is pretty amazing, isn't it!!!


I fell in love w/ this bag (Style: Laroux)  at the first sight. It comes in two colors, black and white. Both are equally fabulous. You can't tell it is not real leather at all.

It goes perfectly w/ Bibi's outfit. 
Feminine + Punk = Fabulous!!
(Bibi fell into my trick and bought it, just so I can see it, pat it once a year when I am back in Taipei. ) :P 


Their price is fair .... about $250 for this style!

You can take off the chain and carry it as a clutch. The studs are real metal, I mean solid metal. ^^  
Don't you just love to buy something that's eco-friendly and looking gorgeous for a fair price at the same time!

20,000,000 Fragments
A Japanese brand.  Editor-in-chief of Japanese high-fashion magazine Commons&Sense, Sasaki says: "Good Japanese fashion is either about street style or high fashion, and we have selected the best brands at that."
Base in Tokyo, Japan.


They have pretty young and hip vibe for their tweed jackets.  20,000,000 fragments is one of the Japanese brands that carries a mission to Paris to mix sweet and edgy look all at once.  I can't stand the too "cute" outfit that all Japanese magazines portrayed or perhaps it is just me not suitable :P and no matter what, I am glad that I found this brand. 




I ever had a keen desire to buy another Chanel jacket in lighter fabric, but w/o its exorbitant prices, 20,000,000 fragments give me a peace of mind!! ^^

Stay tuned for the best cocktail tonight...(IMO)!!
xoxo Rachel


Julia said...

HI Rachel,

thank you for sharing your trip to TaiPei. i loved reading every of episodes. :)

i like the wedding outfit you put together a lot.

enjoy the rest of your trip,

janettaylor said...

Totally love that jacket! YAY!

amelie said...

wow, now you get me into something new - I will definitely visit T.M.F. store when I go back to Taipei next time. Thanks for sharing the info :) Have a great time!

blingmistress said...

Hey Rachel!

Oh my you did buy the tweed jacket! I love love love the intricate detailing and the colours. It's great for the warmer weather ! Is it wool or is it blended with acrylic so it's lighter?

Either way, it looks great!! Did you get this from the BellaVita store?? I need to go there sometime! Long overdue :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia. I am glad you still like my post..sometimes I think I am going tooooooo edgy or quirk ..... in everything!! :P

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, Janet.

Too bad that I can't read Spanish...other than that hola!!! ^^ learned from Dora-the explorer cartoonist!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

hey, little amelie:

yes, I think Bellavita has quite different brands selected from all the other departments stores...of course, it is NEWER!!!!! The first floor is all the major brands such as Hermes, Christofle, Tods...but i think we are lucky that we are in USA...things are much affordable once they go on sale. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

You know, bling Coreen:

I don't do much advertising other than my free will so ..yes, I got it at Bellavita. :P It is cotton, nylon, acrylic and silk so it is very soft and light. It is funky as the raw edge of cotton denim (picture shown) but intricate for the little baubles on it and the pastel threads patched through the whole jacket. Love it!!! ^^ Not wool as it is for spring collection.

have a good evening.

blingmistress said...

Yay for the score!!!

Sorry to be asking this on here but does anyone know where I can find rainboots in Taipei in size 40/US 9 as I need some as the weather here is really crappy! It's raining cats and dogs as we speak and I left my Chanel ones overseas...

I was hoping to buy some Hunter boots or something but I'm not fussed for labels either way! just gotta look half decent !

Are you staying in today Rachel? I just got home but might make a trek out to look for rainboots! Any recs?

litlstrawberry said...

it is interesting that I was at salon reading newspaper.... there is this ad. had a girl wore hot pink rain boot, carry hot pink umbrella, hot pink bag (looks like a style from LV,...but maybe not LV).
Maybe I can go back to the salon and check it out for you. ^^

I don't know where to buy rain boots ..maybe Eslite? it seems to me that Eslite has almost everything!!1 ^^

Nay, I am going out and drink later tonight!!!

have a good evening!!

blingmistress said...

wow that outfit sounds very...PINK! Hhehehehe, if you do find out what brand it is please let me know.

I will probably go check out Coach,Burberry for rainboots but god knows whether they have my size even!

Eslite probably has some somewhere but in Taiwanese sizes ! I might go to the new Vivienne Westwood store on Zhongxiao East Road to see if they sell rainboots! But the rain is too heavy and I am too lazy!

So here's my plan for the rest of the day: Go to Vivienne Westwood,Sogo BR4 then maybe Bellavita and Eslite..

Hope you have a good time tonight :)

Will let you know if I find anything!


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